Noldors, Bears and a Hobbit

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Marcelf 687

Changes since V1 :

-3 Elrond's Counsel

+2 Dwarven Tomb

+1 Elven-Light

Inspired by 13nrv's deck :

Merry is here to play Good Meal to lower the cost of Reforged or Stand and Fight. this way we can often play on turn one a free Steward of Gondor and/or a free big beorning ally. Playing Steward this way is a funny alternative to Denethor.

Drinking Song, Daeron's Runes, Elven-light and the 2 abilities of Galdor of the Havens help a lot to set up the combos. Try to trigger Galdor's action asap. We can discard any number of cards with To the Sea, to the Sea!, even without playing a Noldor ally.

Fast Hitch and Light of Valinor are good targets for the 2 other copies of Reforged. So don't hesitate to discard them during early game.

Results :

Fate of Wilderland : 1-1