Queens of the Eldar

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You're Eldar Than You've Ever Been (& Now You're Even Eldar)
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Some Sort 3071

A Noldor secrecy deck designed to burn through all cards as quickly as possible and then start cycling Lords of the Eldar 3 or more times per round. Galadriel + Mirror of Galadriel + Master of the Forge gives a lot of base card draw, three Zigil Miners give a lot of digging power, and Elven-light + Protector of Lórien + Arwen, Resourceful, and Steward of Gondor crank it all up to 11. If you really want to go crazy, once all of the pieces are out, Mirror for a Longbeard Sentry and either play him (via A Good Harvest) or discard him to Arwen and revive him with Stand and Fight. He lets you discard the top two cards of your deck once per phase; there are seven phases per round, each with at least one action window, meaning it should only take a round or two to get everything tossed.

The deck plays very nicely on its own, but is designed to really go out of control when paired in this fellowship, (which is why Ally Glorfindel appears in the sideboard and not in the main deck). Obviously any other Noldor decks that play alongside it also receive a substantial power bump.

Mulligan any hand that doesn't include the Mirror. It's the most important piece to get you burning through your deck in a hurry.