The Three Hunters ft. Leadership Eomer

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The Battle of Five Armies - Nightmare - 1 Player - 2019-09-10
The Fate of Wilderland - 1 Player - 2019-09-16
Raid on the Grey Havens - Nightmare - 1 Player - 2019-09-26
Danger in Dorwinion - 2 Player - 2020-01-12
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Seastan 21949

Think Leadership Éomer is underpowered? Not for long. This deck just beat Battle of the Five Armies, one of the hardest solo quests in the game, in nightmare mode, on the first try, and it wasn't even close.

This is of course thanks to the new contract, spoiled today, which I've impatiently proxied and played with already:


Strategy Overview

The goal here is to fulfill the contract on turn 1, which means getting out 6 restricted attachments. Éowyn starts with The One Ring, so only 5 to go. I like to mulligan for Raiment of War, since it counts for two. I'll also take a hand with Open the Armory so I can grab it.

Now only 3 to go, and you've only spent 1 tactics resource (and maybe another resource to play Armory). You can play a 1-cost restricted attachment on Éomer for free, ideally a Spear of the Mark or Dagger of Westernesse, and another on Éowyn, ideally a Windfola or a Steed of the Mark.

The last restricted attachment is for Eomer, and you're out of tactics resources, so it's got to be Bow of Yew, Round Shield, or pay 1 spirit resource for a restricted mount. Don't worry, you can always replace rectricted attachments once you reach the cap by playing another one.

Now, just survive until the refresh phase so you can flip the contract.

I am able to do this on turn 1 with high frequency. If not turn 1, then definitely turn 2. In my victory against Battle of the Five Armies it took 2 rounds, but that's only because hero Bilbo required some attachments too. Luckily, the hero lineup has a decent quester, attacker, and defender, so surviving until the contract is online is not very difficult. Éowyn can help you clear any pesky enemies that may show up on turn 1 or 2 to buy you the time you need. Note that with The Ring of Power, she can actually attack twice for 11+ , (or three times if she starts out ready). Insanity.

Side B

Once you're on side B, you can start thinking about what attachments you really want to see where. Having Snowmane on Fastred would let you commit his now 4 to the quest and be ready to defend. Getting a third weapon/Firefoot on Éomer will let you quest with his 4 and attack for up to 9 into the staging area, obliterating whatever enemy Fastred knocked up there last turn.

You are pretty much invincible at this point. You've got plenty of willpower, a solid defender and attacker, endless threat reduction with Fastred, A Test of Will for cancellation, and amazing healing through the contract. With an Unexpected Courage on Fastred, you can even deal with a surge train of low threat enemies.

Step aside, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli.


Sep 12, 2019 bdavis96 81

I am trying to understand how Eowyn can attack 3 times (you mention if already readied)? Would the first attack be with her 1 atk and attachments, then ready her using her ability and give her +9 atk, and then the Ring of Power to ready her and give her +1 atk on top of the +9?

Question about contracts. There is nothing that states the Fellowship contract can’t be used in Saga quests, so as long as the rule doesn’t change, Three Hunters contract should be usable in Saga quests? At least Solo in Saga quests gives four heroes. So to flip the contract, all 4 heroes need 2+ restricted attachments?

Sep 12, 2019 Seastan 21949


  1. Eowyn (ready)
  2. Exhaust her to declare first attack.
  3. Trigger her ability for +9 and ready her.
  4. Resolve first attack.
  5. Exhaust her to declare second attack.
  6. Resolve second attack.
  7. Play The Ring of Power to ready her.
  8. Exhaust her to declare third attack.
  9. Resolve third attack.

Sep 12, 2019 Seastan 21949

@bdavis96 Re: Contracts. You are correct.

Sep 12, 2019 Sfrug 206

The text on Steed of the Mark doesn’t say it’s restricted. Does the mount keyword automatically make it restricted?

Sep 12, 2019 Celia 1

Is steed of the mark supposed to replace by steed of imladris in the deck ?

Sep 12, 2019 Alonewolf87 311

Since you keep pushing back enemies in the staging area with Fastred perhaps instead of the Warrior Sword one could think of using the War Axe spoiled in the same pack of this contract? In any way awesome deck as always.

Sep 12, 2019 Sfrug 206

Oops, it’s Steed of Imladris not steed of the mark. Got it.

Sep 12, 2019 bdavis96 81


Thank you for the step by step explanation of attacking 3 times with Eowyn. That is really helpful. I think I fall into the trap of "exhaust, use ability" thinking.

Sep 12, 2019 Seastan 21949

@Alonewolf87 Definitely. Consider the Warrior Sword a stand-in for the spoiled war axe.

Sep 13, 2019 Yepesnopes 918

I am typically like playing thematic decks over mechanic-combo decks, but I have to give you a like for this one. It is fun and strong in solo. Plus for once, you did not include Steward of Gondor :)

Sep 13, 2019 Jelius 66

You are my hero. Leadership Éomer was at the top of my list for this quest.

Sep 14, 2019 Seosaidh 268

@YepesnopesIt's pretty thematic too, with a handful of exceptions for a few of the attachments.

Sep 15, 2019 Yepesnopes 918

@Seosaidh You can play the Steward of Gondor on any character, but the only thematic steward are Denethor and his son Faramir (last steward of gondor). Any three heroes can use the new three hunters contract, but there is only one true thematic trio, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.

Sep 16, 2019 Seosaidh 268

@YepesnopesI'll grant you Steward (as well as Steed, Celebrian's Stone, and a few others), but the contract itself (while modeled on Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli) could be easily taken to refer to other sets of three related heroes. Since all these heroes are Rhohirrim (albeit Rhohirrim who never fought together as such), I would still say the use of the contract is thematic.

Sep 16, 2019 Seastan 21949

All three of them rode to Gondor with Théoden's army and fought in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. I think it's fair to say they fought together.

Sep 17, 2019 bdavis96 81

@Yepesnopes To say that Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are the one true thematic trio for this contract card, then you also have to say you are limited to the Saga quests, because that is the only time you see those three together.

Decks that have peaked my interest with this contract card are (Merry, Eowyn, Faramir) and (Bilbo, Thorin, Gandalf). Two decks where I maybe have to adopt a "house rules" to use this contract card would be (Merry, Pippin, Treebeard) and (Frodo, Sam, Smeagol). Although, it will be interesting to see if they come out with a contract card that will be usable with Frodo, Sam and Smeagol.

Sep 21, 2019 Seastan 21949

@Alonewolf87 Actually, looking back at the War Axe spoiler, it won't work on Eomer. It needs to attach to a tactics character.


Sep 27, 2019 Yepesnopes 918

I can’t quest enough with Shields in Battle of the Five armies NM or if I do, I get swarmed by enemies. Any tips on how to do it?

Sep 27, 2019 Seastan 21949

@Yepesnopes Save the siege quest for last. Just accept that you won't be able to save your resources for a while.

Get progress on the battle stage turn 1 using Eowyn's ability. Then get progress on the willpower stage round 2 or 3 once your contract is online.

The quest loses a lot of its teeth once you've got 2 stages with progress on them. Turtle for a bit, and once Fastred's got some Dunedain Warnings and the staging area is clear, go for the siege.

Sep 28, 2019 Yepesnopes 918

Thx for the tip. I’ll try again.