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Levache 73

With the spoiling of Host of Galadhrim I updated my Silvan deck (Keen as Lances is the proxy for it here). So far, I have only played this deck solo, but I would imagine that it would also work well in multiplayer. Depending on the quest, you may want to tweak it a bit (add a third copy of A Test of Will and/or Quicker Than Sight, or sub in more ranged allies and maybe Rúmil). That said, this has been so much fun to play, and Host of Galadhrim takes all those tried and true Silvan antics to another level.

Opening Hand:
You really want to see Nenya in your opening hand so that you can start playing The Tree People as soon as possible. Getting Galion early helps you save resources. Using him makes readying with The Elvenking free (I find this card is most effective on Celeborn since you can quest and attack with him on the same turn. If you're playing a quest with lots of early attacks then it may make sense to put it on Thranduil so he can defend multiple times until you get a Greenwood Defender out on the table.

Game Play:
I typically hold off on using Galadriel's ability until after the quest phase just in case I need to add her 4 after staging. In that case, you can play a Greenwood Archer during the combat phase, ready Galadriel, and then trigger her ability to reduce your threat by one and draw a card. The card draw is especially helpful early on as you are looking for your copies of Galadhrim Minstrel and Galadhrim Weaver, which help you find and recycle your event cards.

Mid Game and Beyond:
I typically have a solid board state with 3-4 allies on the table (and more in my hand) around turn 4. Once you reach this point then Host of Galadhrim really kicks things into high gear. You essentially get a round of free power-questing (all allies get their 1 boost from Celeborn and don't exhaust thanks to Galadriel) and then you can wipe out any enemies that are unfortunate enough to be engaged with you. Then, rinse and repeat.

Final Thoughts:
The Silvan archetype really has it all: built-in threat reduction, card draw, resource acceleration and smoothing, and shadow cancellation. Plus, it's a ton of fun to play. In the past, my Silvan decks have really struggled against quests with enemies that engage and attack you early. Thranduil and Greenwood Defender have been great additions to help address this. Boss enemies that penalize you for chump blocking are still a weakness for Silvans, but there are a number of attachments that you could swap in (such as Ancestral Armor or Hauberk of Mail to help beef up your defenders). If you give this deck a spin, then let me know what you think.


Nov 02, 2019 Guily 36

Looking forward that card too :) Good job here i think.

Nov 02, 2019 Levache 73

Thanks @Guily I’m hoping City of Ulfast isn’t delayed like Wrath and Ruin. In the meanwhile, I’ve been having fun with River Running and Danger in Dorwinion. Haven’t tried it against Temple of Doom yet