The Grey Sailor

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Roka 915

This is my take on the new Grey Wanderer contract (Fellowship is a placeholder). Círdan the Shipwright is a great hero for this cause he has high starting willpower and can with Narya ready some very powerful combat allies.

Early game: Start the game with attaching Strider to Cirdan (extra copies are in Sideboard for quests that discard attachments). That way you can quest for 6 willpower right away. Mulligan for Narya for both readying and Leadership access (don't forget the first non-unique card doesn't need a ressource match, but you want to play Steward of Gondor). Cirdans abilty really helps to find your key cards faster. Try to get a defender like Jubayr or Treebeard out, your low starting threat should keep you safe from enemy attacks during the first turns, but you want to eventually engage enemies. Use the Contract for extra ressources.

Midgame: You want to start mustering a big army of allies, by using cards like A Very Good Tale or Elven Jeweler + Elven-light. If you manage to get a single Kahliel’s Tribesman out, Jubayr can defend already potentially for 6.

Lategame: At this point you should probably be winning, a Card like Faramir or Lords of the Eldar can help with a final quest push.

Thanks to the ressource smoothing from the contract you could ad all sorts of allies like for example Warden of Healing for quests with direct damage, so the deck can be pretty flexible. Elrond's Counsel is a good card to take out (threat is normally not an issue).


Nov 29, 2019 bdavis96 76

I had a question about Glorfindel. It says "Glorfindel can be played from your discard pile." So I am guessing that means that if he gets discarded from effects like Elven Jeweler or To the Sea, to the Sea!, he can be played from the discard pile by paying 5 resources. Does that also mean that if he is discarded after chump blocking, he can be played again (and again and again) for 5 resources each time?

Nov 29, 2019 bdavis96 76

And better yet, can To the Sea, to the Sea!, attached to Círdan the Shipwright or Arwen Undómiel (or any Noldor character), be used to discard 1 - 5 cards to play Glorfindel from the discard pile?

Nov 29, 2019 Roka 915

@bdavis96 Yes all of this works. You can even discard Glorfindel to To the Sea to lower his own cost.