Doomed Rohan - To Catch An Orc - Minimum Purchase

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To Catch an Orc - 1 Player - 2020-01-19
To Catch an Orc - 1 Player - 2020-01-23
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To Catch An Orc - Minimum Purchase 3 1 4 2.0
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Riders & Scouts Three Trials Minimum Purchase 0 0 0 1.0
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kattattack22 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Riders & Scouts Three Trials Minimum Purchase

Grima provides early resource acceleration. Keys of Orthanc are great to have in your opening hand and should always go on Eowyn. The spirit cards are quite expensive compared to Lore and Tactics. If keys are in play then Grima can use his ability to lower Tactics card costs to help get a blade or warhorse out and keep putting allies into play. It will also help build up an extra resource or two on Eomer for feint.

Grima and Eowyn can quest and manage enough willpower for most early encounter draws starting with Methedras.


There are a lot of allies and Stand and Fight to allow you to chump block enemies with 3 or higher attack. Gondorian Spearman is obviously the main chump blocker and Westfold Horse-breeder is another choice. Northern Trackers are also good blockers for some of the lower attack enemies like Prowling Wolf and Orc Hound. Especially in one hand solo where it seems pretty easy to keep the number of locations under control. Prowling Wolf in particular early on it may be worth taking an attack undefended to help build up your board state.

If possible save The Wizards's Voice and Feint for later in the game. Mugash and his guards are pretty high attack. Plus there are a number of shadows that exhaust a character. Best to avoid those shadows when its critical to have enough allies to attack Mugash or quest before time runs out on stage 3.

Location Control

I actually found the Lórien Guide to be great in this scenario. Once 2 are in play they will explore Mugash's Lair and most of Methedras during questing if one is the active location. Broken Lands preventing staging area progress also lowers the utility of Northern Tracker.

Changes from 2.0 Took out Strength of Wills and a Deep Knowledge to put The Wizards's Voice back in. Shadows have been causing me to lose or have to delay defeating Mugash. Spirit is already heavy in the deck. Wizards Voice provides another way to stop attacks and therefore prevent shadow effects. Also help keep allies around for questing later. It should be more manageable now the deck has more threat reduction. Strength of Will was hard to use with many allies being used for chump blocking. Plus the guides do a pretty good job of controlling locations normally.

Changes from 1.0

Replaced Saruman with Gandalf. I often when I might play Saruman that he wouldn't have a target for his ability. Also the deck needed more threat reduction which Gandalf can do.

The Wizards's Voice replaced with Rohan Warhorse x2 and a The Galadhrim's Greeting. More threat reduction and hopefully a way for Eomer to attack twice since it is easy in the quest to get 2 enemies engaged.