Forth, the Three Children of Elrond!

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Loss - The Thing in the Depths - 1 Player - 2020-07-04
Win - The Thing in the Depths - 1 Player - 2020-07-03
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The Voice of Isengard & Ring-Maker Cycle
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banania 1006

I've had insanely fun and victorious games with that deck. When I first tried to build on to The Three Hunters contract, I of course went the Legolas/Aragorn/Gimli road, especially since they have built-in readying ability. Because, yeah, I think to compensate for the lack of bodies in your play area, readying built-in ability helps a lot. And what other heroes provide that? Enter Elladan and Elrohir, soon followed by their sister Arwen Undómiel, in your very classical "Children of Elrond" deck that has been around since The Dread Realm.

In any case, that deck was already mostly attachments and events, so it was just a matter of removing the 16 allies my original deck had (see there:

I just replaced them with "good" cards, most of them attachments with the restricted keyword. Since then, two cycles (Haradrim and Ered Mithrin) have passed, that provided us with amazing tools. A few comments:

  • Silver Circlet is of course unbeatable to pump up Arwen's and it replaced Star Brooch I had in my deck before.
  • At first I had only 1 copy of Silver Harp, but in that deck it's crazy good as it only costs 1 (provided you're still on side A of the contract), nets you a +1 later and helps either fuel the resource engine or your Steed of Imladris discard should you happen to have your elven lights buried too deeply in your deck.
  • Round Shield is free no matter what, so just cram that on your three characters, it always nets you in the meantime you find someting better to attach. It's also a good first defensive attachment for Elrohir.
  • Captains of the West is simply amazing here. Action advantage and boost is really all you need (see my comments about sideboarded Lords of the Eldar).
  • The Golden Belt for more fun (remove the Star Brooch and Flight From the Sea for instance)

Piloting is very straightforward: hard mulligan for Elven-light, Steward of Gondor, restricted attachments (but you should have some of those) especially defensive ones. Steed of the North is a good card in your opening hand, it's played for free and gets you a questing Elrohir turn #1. Early is always hard to come by and critical.

A classical line-up I strive for:

Of course, healing is provided by side B of the contract (and it was more than enough in most quests).

The sideboard are cards I removed between the day I built the deck (announcement news for the City of Ulfast) and the actual adventure packs coming in.

  • Flight to the Sea usually seldom sees play in my deck anyway, and was mostly included in the side-board for the fun factor. It's providing everything we supposedly need.
  • Star Broochs has been replaced with the Silver Circlet. Although there could be a point to make about the Star Brooch: it can also attach to the brothers. But since it's not restricted, it had to go...
  • Lords of the Eldar has always been in the sideboard to be fair, just because upon experience, I never played the card. Because 1) it's 3 resources, and I'd rather save those for my Elven Lights and draw 2) the brothers usually don't need the or . In this deck Captains of the West is highly superior: action advantage and much needed . resources are not hard to come by once the Steward of Gondor is out.
  • The Rivendell Bow just makes the deck multiplayer-friendly by giving Ranged to Elladan (Elrohir has sentinel thanks to the Elven Mail)

Jan 23, 2020 ellipticaltable 147

Jan 23, 2020 banania 1006

Because I found that in the early game, you're not exactly drowning into resources and let's not forget that the built in readying ability of Elladan requires the expenditure of resources. In the early game you want to use Arwen's ability and Steward of Gondor to fuel Elrohir and/or an early Captain of the West. That extra resource to pay for War Axe instead of the Dagger may be more painful than you would think.

Jan 23, 2020 ellipticaltable 147

They both cost 1.

Jan 23, 2020 banania 1006

Oooooh yeah. For some reason I though the War Axe cost 2. But you're right. Well, then, by all means, replace the Dagger by the War Axe, it'll work.

Jan 23, 2020 Glamcrist 1

Strider? I like to throw in at least one copy in Three Hunter decks. A cheaper (if you've already played a restricted) and more flexible (neutral cost) Celebrian's Stone. It's only downside is it doesn't net you a restricted attachment.

Jan 24, 2020 banania 1006

A good contender in replacement of Star Brooch since it's not Restricted either, but yes, I'm loathe using Strider because it's not Restricted. It's still a bit more efficient than the Stone of Celebrian as it's a guaranteed +2 wp for 1 neutral resource instead of +3 wp for 2 leadership resources. Oh well... adapt it as you want! The variations are infinite!

Jan 25, 2020 Flrbb 115

Why do you prefer Light of Valinor on the attacker, not on the defender? Instinctly, I'd prefer a ready defense...

Jan 27, 2020 banania 1006

It's just a sample of a setup that's ultimately ok. If I am drawing LoV first then sure it goes on Elrohir. In the games I have played the Steed came up more often first but that's a statistics anomaly.

Apr 13, 2020 velcrohead85 47

What about shadow cancellation? Armored Destrier?

Apr 13, 2020 Flrbb 115

Would be a good addition, I think. Some more cards which can trigger the contract are always good. On the other hand these can only attach to one of the three... As Flight to the Sea just readies heroes (besides revealing "nothing"), which they should do anyways, these two were my first cut the the above deck.