The Voice of Isengard & Ring-Maker Cycle

banania 1006



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'Forth, the Three Children of Elrond' deck

See the deck description here.

'The Voice of Isengard' deck

This deck is a Saruman deck and Messenger of the King deck and Ent deck. After all, Saruman was still mostly a friend of Fangorn's inhabitants, and of Rohan, represented here by Gríma and (MotK) Gléowine, two trusted advisors of Théoden king.

This deck has the supporting role and should abuse the fact that the Ring-maker cycle isn't too punishing about threat (plus you start with a 'very low' 25). The other deck won't mind the threat increase as it can reduce his own with a few Elrond's Counsel. I have not included any threat reduction for The Voice of Isengard deck, so you want to win fast. On 17 games (see run-through), the deck threated out once. So it's really not an issue. Other than that, the deck is pretty straightforward:


  • The Fords of Isen: 1/2 ~ nothing notable here, the first attempt was of course lost to the card draw hate
  • To Catch an Orc: 1/2 ~ first attempt was lost to an early (well it was the first I believe) Search keyword resolving into revealing Mugash and one of his guards
  • Into Fangorn: 1/2 ~ bad managemenent of enemies the first time, just to wrap our heads around the Hinder keyword
  • The Dunland Trap: 1/2 ~ well, you probably know why we lost the first time...
  • The Three Trials: 1/2 ~ a bad shadow effect got us the first time, but we honestly had it. The second time was a breeze.
  • The Nin-in-Eilph: 1/4 ~ probably the most annoying quest in the game. The win was a close one: all three Children of Elrond dead, Saruman left alone (and a couple of allies) to quest bearly what was needed, and kill the Ancient Marsh Dweller with a Flame of Anor, at 49 threat.
  • Celembrimbor's Secret: 1/1 ~ surprinsingly easy breeze. We were a bit lucky on the first staging step I believe. Elrohir was set up and those Orcs are not too painful, especially if you avoid all of their when revealed effect like we did through Bellach's Scout effect. The treacheries are really not too bad.
  • The Antlered Crown: 1/2 ~ this was the first time I ever played that quest so one game of adaptation was necessary, and even that was really close, with Arwen dying to a bad shadow effect, and the other deck finally threating out just before we killed the final boss. The second time was a breeze as we knew what was to prioritize orwhen to turtle/advance.

Mar 26, 2020 Alonewolf87 651

Cool decks.

Just a small wrinkle, you cannot play Song of Battle on Treebeard.

Also some Golden Belt and War Axe could work wonder for the Three Hunters deck.

Mar 26, 2020 banania 1006

I wrote "Song or Battle or Treebeard" it obviously goes on any hero.

I actually played that F3H deck in a slightly modified version using the two cards you mentioned. But I had already published that deck, so I linked the fellowship to the old version. It did work wonders!

Mar 26, 2020 doomguard 459

would max treebeard and key of orthanc in the sarumandeck reduce voice of the wizard and perhaps word of command. would reduce celbrians stone and silvercirclet by 1 and add an elvenmail and a dwarven tomb

Mar 26, 2020 banania 1006

Maximizing the Keys is not a good idea IMO since it's a clear nonbo with the staff. Talking about the staff. Wizard's Voice is 1 threat for each player cancelling an attack. AND readying Saruman. If I could I would include 20 copies.

Mar 27, 2020 doomguard 459

dont think so (or if, why a key at all?) i would use the staff for an event and additional the key to make an ent cheaper. the other deck should use enough erlonds council to compensate that (specialy if it adds dwarfen tomb). @wizards voice, the decks have much defend (specialy elroir with elvenmail, shield, warnings... and i asume he get the steward, he cann defend for eternity). so it seems to me no need for the voice in mid-lategame, better use the staff for a different event that rounds. what about farsight? if needed its not this much of a thread to play it without staff if it was alreaady be used that turn.

Jan 13, 2021 MekANerD 1

Love your series! An excellent inspiration for thematic playthroughs! But for this fellowship wouldn't you have to substitute Grima in Fords of Isen as he is part of the scenario?

Jan 13, 2021 banania 1006

@MekANerD yes I should have written that. But Gríma is substituted for Beravor in the first quest.