Rohan - One Last Ride

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TantZor 36

Final deck for Rohan. I really had struggle building such ad deck, despite the presence of Rohan cards in this game for a very long time. But I eventually succeeded and have a lot of fun playing this deck recently, mostly in solo.

Indeed, all the allies and their effects brings versality and flexibility to adapt most challenges from the game (ennemies, locations, defense...).

Quest is dealt with : -Théoden -Escort from Edoras, which also brings very good synergy with Gamling and --Horn of the Mark -West Road Traveller, which is also very good to deal with nasty travel effect or temporize some quest linked to a location to explore before going to the next stage

Defens is dealt with : -Théoden with Golden Shield,since he is ready thanks to Snowmane -Háma -Warden of Helm's Deep

Attack is mostly dealt with Éomer,since very quickly he can attack to 9, with Firefoot, found thanks to Westfold Horse-breeder, and Gúthwinë, which also enables to retrive discarded cards. Riddermark Knight, brings additional punch if several ennemies.

Resources are brought by Théoden, Théodred. resources are needed, especially if you want to use multiples times Escort from Edoras.

Ride to Ruin is a bonus card , no so much used, but when needed I am very happy to have it, for instance with Snowbourn Scout.

Most of the time, theodred has too many resources compared to other heroes, mid-game, which is often the perfect timing to use The Muster of Rohan.this card can really help cleaning a board or a quest stage. There are many allies in the deck, with no more than one unique ally each time, so I often reach 4 or 3 allies with this card.

Double Backhelps deal with the threat.

Flaws would be threat, shadow card, and some treatchery. But to have a consistant deck,focused on Rohan,I did not want A Test of Will.

Any suggestions are welcome.


May 22, 2020 doomguard 371

since there is lothiriel, i think rohan is mainly a 2-deck trait. try this deck as 2. deck to yours, i made carn dum several times with nearly that kombo (i used t-eowyn istead of theodred):

May 22, 2020 doomguard 371

sorry, here the published version: