Journey Along the Anduin: Lore/Spirit (one Core Set)

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Journey Along the Anduin - 4 spheres (one Core Set)
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Uulriqus 4

I built this deck in sinergy with a and deck in order to deal with the Journey Along the Anduin quest. Éowyn's 4 and allies such as Lórien Guide and Northern Tracker will help us questing. The latter ally's ability can even enable us to progress through locations which are still in the staging area! I love Dúnhere ability, since he can target enemies sitting in the staging area such as Gobliner Sniper and easily kill them in one round. Glorfindel will usually quest; thanks to his ability I can heal one damage from any character by spending a resource from his pool. By attaching Steward of Gondor to him, I'd be able to save up some resources to put into play other cards. As for attachments, I usually give Unexpected Courage and Self Preservation to Aragorn on the other deck. He will then be able to quest, then ready to defend or attack (both if we spend a resource from his pool) and then heal 2 points of damage. I don't like The Favor of the Lady too much, but if I'm low on , then I may attach it to Éowyn. Unfortunately I can't use The Galadhrim's Greeting in the first round, because I'd need three resources. Otherwise I could lower the other deck's starting (which is 32) in order not to have to engage the Hill Troll from the beginning. Lore of Imladris may be useful to heal damages from defending characters or even from Éowyn (3 health), because a treachery card, The Necromancer's Reach, will deal damage to exhausted characters and she always is during the quest phase. As for allies, I usually put in play Henamarth Riversong and exhaust him to look at the top card of the encounter deck. I also try to save up resources to afford Daughter of the Nimrodel (given the Hill Troll's attack I could use some healing!) and Gléowine to draw more cards (usually on the other deck).