Radagast's Wilderness

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ajinator4 18

Thematic Decklist #1: Radagast and Creatures!

This is a pretty flexible deck, meant to quest, attack, and defend effectively. It has a reasonable starting threat, while also using Beorn's ability to offset Smeagol's "Stinker" disadvantage.


Radagast - Quest for free playing creatures. Also can attack or defend well. He is the main backbone to this deck and needs to be kept alive at all costs. Landroval or Loyal Hound can help ensure his survival.

Beorn - Combat monster. Soak up damage, and swing back big time. Also can defend against Smeagol's "Gollum" side while only taking 1 damage, and then can one-shot him back to Smeagol with his 5 attack. Landroval can also be used to bring him back to the table with only 1 damage.

Smeagol - Also a flexible stat hero, but usually quest with him. His ability can be useful in some needed card draw when traveling, but his low threat complements the high threat of Beorn and Radagast well. Since switching to Gollum gets rid of all of his resources, try to spend them whenever you can on lore and neutral cards.

Hard Mulligan for Radagast's Staff. Use Word of Command to fish it from your deck, or use Daeron's Runes and Smeagol's card draw ability to help find it. Aim to play atleast 1 creature each round, and quest for free using Radagast. Getting Eagles of the Misty Mountains into play is vital for allowing your bouncing cheap eagle allies to continue buffing them. Flight of the Eagles should be used to bring back cheap eagles to your hand, which you play again immediately to help Radagast quest.

Wizard Pipe and Messenger Raven can be combo'd for a consistent additional card draw each round. Woodmen's Clearing will help keep your threat manageable.

Any comments or card recommendations to improve this deck are appreciated.


Jun 30, 2020 ellipticaltable 63

In general, I'm a huge fan of Grimbeorn the Old. It's so satisfying to kill an enemy that made a surprise during staging. Put a Support of the Eagles (or two) on him, and he can tank a dragon. The only downside is that his ability doesn't work on Gollum, so an early Stinker would be very painful.

If you are willing to go off-theme, Honour Guard is great.

Jun 30, 2020 ajinator4 18

Honour Guard is awesome, yeah it would be off theme a bit but it would definitely improve the deck, with him taking off that damage that Beorn would be taking. I may trade off Descendant of Thorondor and The Riddermark's Finest to make room for him.

I totally overlooked Support of the Eagles working so well with Grimbeorn the Old. That's a nasty combo! I might make an alt deck swapping Beorn for him and a few other cards and see how it performs. Thanks for the comment man!

Jul 01, 2020 doomguard 175

would add hallofbeorn.com and hallofbeorn.com as soon they are out

Jul 02, 2020 Christian_Medic 497

Awesome deck! Beorn and smeagol work great together, I used that pairing in a solo league along with Glorfindel for a fun secrecy deck.