the seafarers (Gondor + noldor) [roleplay]

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Disclaimer : I decided to play the deluxe expansions following the order of the story they are telling us : the adventures of a bunch of heroes, coming from Grey Havens to help Gondor finding lord Faramir and are involved in bigger and bigger quests. I played those scenarios in the most roleplay way, with thematic characters and items. But most of those decks can beat others scenarios and cycles.

First cycle : heirs of Numenor + against the shadow.

Second cycle : voice of Isengard + ringmaker.

Third cycle : lost realm + Angmar awakened.

Fourth cycle : Grey Havens + Dream-chaser.

Fifth cycle : the sands of Harad + haradrim.

Sixth cycle : the wilds of Rhovanion + Ered Mithrin.

Seventh cycle : a shadow in the East + vengeance of Mordor.

This deck is a variant from the famous Caldara deck by Seastan (Iluvatar bless you).

The deck

So the big change in this deck is the presence of Sneak Attack used more often on Prince Imrahil just before the activation of Caldara's capacity and on Wild Stallion as a mount on Jubayr, Glorfindel and Northern Tracker.

Warden of Healing is a better healer than Imladris Caregiver while being roleplay ont that deluxe (Noldors and Gondorians united to fight the Corsairs).

Ranger Provisions offers a resource boost usually used to pay Gandalf cash.


It's always a pleasure to play Light the Beacons but the pleasure is even bigger than that when you sink an enemy ship with Ride Them Down.


Curious thing : the deck is very Cirdan dependent. The oldman is the heart of the deck. He can quest, fight and is the only one allow to bear Narya. The lack of $ can be a problem against agressive scenarios which can't be rush.

Roleplay fault

The mighty Jubayr isn't roleplay at all in this cycle but it's barely impossible to play this dekc without it. I betatested Damrod or Derufin who stick to Caladar capacity but they didn't pass the cut. The haradrim knows his job better than everyone else. Northern Trackerand Ranger Provisions are not so much roleplay but I assume there are some connections between Gondor and Arnor, specially the Rangers.