Forest Nymphs

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ohuerc 384

This is first and foremost a Rossiel deck. It is helpful if the others can get you into Secrecy, but it is mostly not necessary. Although the rules allow male allies, I have kept them to a minimum especially in this deck. I really wanted to include Firyal, because she's female and awesome, but I had other priorities. I had more trouble cutting this deck to 50 cards than any of the others, and still haven't quite managed it.

Use Daeron's Runes to prime The Evening Star. None Return and The Door is Closed! will help find fewer enemies, as will The Hidden Way and occasionally Gildor's Counsel - I cut back on it a little because it is expensive. I also cut back on Heed the Dream, because finding 3 purple resources will be difficult too. Most likely, this is the deck that will need Steward of Gondor most; also, get a Diligent Noble over here so that Arwen Undómiel can help.

The Great Hunt seems like it should be fun, but it's a Combat action, so it can only be used on high-threat things that don't engage us first. I want to try it one time, but will probably ax it later. The balance of Victory-events is tricky, I'm aiming for 6 for now and assuming I'll get 3 early enough to matter: 3x None Return to clear enemies, 2 Leave No Trace to thin the deck slightly, one Out of the Wild for versatility. Likewise the balance of card draw events is tricky, and I'm thinking Peace, and Thought is a huge drain on these heroes with not much readying available, so I've cut it back to one copy. I considered one Drinking Song for deck-searching, but without any hobbits it's not as strong.

The classic combo of Eleanor + Doughty Ranger + Wingfoot no longer works, because Wingfoot exhausts when it triggers. Also she has to quest for that, which ruins Scouting Party. So I cut it, and now I'm much closer to 50 cards.

Reviewing all the contracts that aren't helpful here, I considered The Burglar's Turn, but Scroll of Isildur is a "record," and not an Item nor Artifact.