Ally Radagast's Pipe Dream

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beorn7 27

This is an iteration on the excellent Love of the Halfling's Leaf, not really to make it better, just to make it even more bizarre and to put a few unloved cards at least to some use:

  • Tailor it more for solo than for multiplayer.
  • Even more pipes!
  • More toys for Gandalf! (Flame of Anor helps to mill the deck and saved my day in the Challenge of the Wainriders, and I love Narya with strong and Well-Equipped allies on Wild Stallions.)
  • Add Thorongil. Two Bilbos and one Dáin to pick from is just too good. Early game, otherwise frowned-upon Lore Bilbo Baggins makes sense. Late game, with many dwarves out, Dáin Ironfoot is very cool. Tactics Bilbo Baggins is certainly a bit far-fetched, but might be helpful under circumstances.
  • I am obsessed with making ally Radagast somewhat useful. In this game, his holiest duty is to hold another Wizard Pipe. But he and his staff help paying for the Wild Stallions, which come in handy, especially with A Very Good Tale (attach them after you have exhausted them for the event).
  • Yes, this is a huge deck, but you'll still mill it thrice in most solo games.