Dale Embarks on a Perilous Voyage

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MrSpaceBear 975

A Perilous Voyage is a great card that delivers a few key benefits that Dale can benefit from. This deck plays very well in solo and multiplayer since it does not include many popular unique cards.

  1. No real need for threat reduction. - Great. Dale doesn't really have any.
  2. Extra (selective) card draw. - Great. Dale already has very good card draw, so this extra ability to find attachments/allies when needed causes the deck to be very explosive.
  3. The ability to use multiple stats by questing without exhausting. - Great. Dale (and Thurindir) heroes have pretty solid stats overall. They typically get some boots due to the large amount of attachments they pick up, and those stats no longer go to waste if they are able to quest and attack/defend.
  4. The ability to play a 3 cost card for free. -Always Great.

High threat: This deck also capitalizes on the high threat style of play that A Perilous Voyage brings. The Knight of Dale get free readies often. They are great for questing and attacking or for quseting and triggering A Very Good Tale. Angbor the Fearless is included because he will so often provide a big boost to and .

What to bring in with reduced cost?: By the time the contract flips, the effect is basically unneeded because the deck is so built up. Elrond is included in case a key condition needs to be discarded. Otherwise, Faramir is an excellent choice if he has not come into play. Ancestral Armor can be great if big attacks are coming in. Otherwise, choose whatever type of ally is needed.

How it plays: Thurindir will grab Gather Information in order to get King of Dale if it is not drawn in the opening hand. The deck will typically quest for around 8 on turn 1, sometimes more. It can be very effective to Sneak Attack Gandalf in the first quest phase to draw three cards and ensure that Gather Information is completed. Once King of Dale is in play, the deck plays like any other Dale deck, except that it does it faster. The extra filtered card draw can ensure that the right attachments are drawn to fuel even more card draw with Brand son of Bain.

Elven light: Although the deck draws a ridiculous number of cards already, the best source of card draw (and more resources/allies by drawing into Traffic from Dale and A Very Good Tale) is found by a combination of Protector of Lórien, Elven-light, and Traffic from Dale. Traffic from Dale will net anywhere from 6-12 resources without issue, depending on the round it is played. Those resources almost always go to Bard son of Brand. He can play item attachments of any sphere, and he can pay for Elven-light. Since Protector of Lórien lets Elven-light be discarded 3 times per phase, Traffic from Dale can turn into an effect allowing a player to draw 10 cards with ease.

Querky allies: Dale has great allies, and this deck gets to use all of them. It can be easy to underestimate someone like Guardian of Esgaroth, but in this deck, he can easily grow to be extremely powerful and flexible. The Knight of Dale typically ends up questing for 3 and attacking. The Long Lake Fisherman can help to find key cards. "1" is probably my favorite number to name to help find more Traffic from Dale.


Apr 23, 2021 Asgardian Phil 25

Loving the deck. Is We Are not Idle a mistake? There aren't any dwarf heroes for this to work off.

Apr 23, 2021 Truck 1416

@Asgardian Phil Free card. Exhaust no dwarf heroes to draw a card. It virtually makes the deck 3 cards less.