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[Thematic campaign] A Red Sun Rises
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Servant of the Secret Fire 0 0 0 1.0
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banania 1006

Played as part of a 2-player Fellowship in a Saga Campaign.

A lot of changes were made from the previous iteration of the deck Servant of the Secret Fire. But it honestly plays the same, so you should refer to the description in the aforemetioned link. Between the two decks, it's a shameless Unexpected Courage x6 and A Test of Will x6, we need all that we could to cast the Ring into the crack of dooms as those two decks are the ones that are gonna stay with Aragorn until the end now (with minor changes probably that will detail and adress later).

This deck also plays the Glamdring Boon.

Specifically for The Uruk-hai, since Pippin is a captive: