For Jiri - Outlands Leadership

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For Jiri - Two Decks through Against the Shadow
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ira212 122

Hirluin the Fair gets Steward of Gondor and Lord of Morthond and then plays a bunch of allies, who power each other up! Once he's the Steward, you can push more resources to him with Envoy of Pelargir. Faramir can also do a lot of work, in combination with readying effects like Strength of Arms or Grim Resolve. You can use his action, the ready allies, then use his action again for the same quest phase.

Sword of Morthond can go on Faramir, White Tower Watchman or even Errand-rider to power them up.

Since this deck is designed to be in a fellowship with another deck, a variety of cards can be useful to the other player as well, like Hardy Leadership, Dáin Ironfoot (who should basically never quest unless you know you'll be able to ready him), or Campfire Tales. You can also use Errand-rider or Envoy of Pelargir to push resources to the other player, if needed. Durin's Song is flexible too. See what the situation requires. Have fun!


Dec 29, 2020 Truck 250


Dec 29, 2020 ira212 122

Thanks! :)