Muster of Annúminas

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Authraw 3837

This is a thematic deck built for an ongoing series on my blog, Darkling Door.

Theme: The Rangers of the North

Played Against: Nightmare The Dread Realm

"‘I have thirty with me,’ said Halbarad. ‘That is all of our kindred that could be gathered in haste… We rode as swiftly as we might when your summons came.’"

Halbarad, The Passing of the Grey Company, The Return of the King


A Side Quest-driven solo Dúnedain deck.


  • Thurindir should fetch The Storm Comes. Clear it as quickly as possible, since it is vital for paying for Allies.
  • Vigilant Dúnadan is the deck's primary defender, especially with a Wild Stallion attached. Don't be afraid to use Heed the Dream to fetch it early if needed.
  • Guardian of Arnor is great for defending against bigger Enemies; use Outmatched to get more uses out of him when possible.
  • It's probably safe to keep any Enemies with 2 engaged with you forever, and maybe one or two with 3 too. But anything more than that should be killed quickly, in case its shadow effects get out of hand.
  • Don't bother paying for Heir of Valandil until it saves you at least 2 resources; hold onto it until you can make use of it.
  • There's a single copy of Dúnedain Remedy to help clean up direct damage dealt to Heroes; fish it out with Heed the Dream or Gather Information if you're likely to need it. In the later rounds there should be plenty of extra resources lying around to keep everyone healed up.
  • Will of the West is tech specifically to help beat The Dread Realm; it can be omitted from the deck altogether if playing against a different quest.

► For more analysis, check out my blog post on this deck.


Jan 06, 2021 Alonewolf87 651

Nice deck, kudos.

Have you considered using Arwen Undómiel (as a normal ally or even as a MotK ally) to further boost the Vigilant Dúnadan? Did you felt it would break the theme?

Jan 06, 2021 Thrakhath 28

Needs more sons of Elrond!

Jan 06, 2021 Greensbrew 77

Cool! Thanks for the deck, it inspires me to revisit the wonderful dunedain trait. I even have the Dread Realm NM pack waiting for a first game, and it looks awesome. Seems like the deck fits the theme and cahllenge well, reading a bit from the blog. Have you played it through the entire cycle?

I am tempted to use Arwen Undómiel as well, although it would hurt the low starting WP a bit and the ability to clear side quest...

What about Keep Watch? Prepare for Battle is decent in solo, but mostly if you clear it early, while keep watch can make a big differense cleared later on. It fits so well both in theme and tech!

Jan 07, 2021 Authraw 3837

@Alonewolf87 I skipped Arwen Undómiel for this one partially because I use her a little bit too often and partially because she's just slightly off center for my theme here. But she'd probably be a good inclusion and if I end up tweaking the deck for use against other quests I bet she'll end up making the cut for v2, at least as a one-of.

@Thrakhath You know, I haven't been able to get the ally versions of the brothers to work too well in a deck yet. I'm not sure there's enough card draw here to be able to guarantee that I'd see both of them and I find them underwhelming individually. I'll find some deck that makes good use of them eventually though!

@Greensbrew I build a different deck for each quest in the cycle; trying to build a single solo deck capable of beating an entire cycle on nightmare mode would be an epic challenge indeed!

Keep Watch is a good call-out, probably worth making room for a copy since it goes great with Vigilant Dúnadan. I don't think I'd cut Prepare for Battle for it though; the card draw from that saved my bacon more than once. Maybe a Fornost Bowman instead?

Jan 08, 2021 serpico 2

Why not 1 eldahir? Could be a good defender or use one resource is too expansive?

Jan 08, 2021 Authraw 3837

@serpico I passed on Eldahir for this one primarily as a ratio thing; I don't know what I would cut to fit him in. Both Vigilant Dúnadan and Guardian of Arnor are better defenders overall, and I didn't find that I needed more than 6 defenders in the deck.