Descendants of Imladris

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captainace 783

This deck was primarily designed for solo play however it can be adjusted to better fit multiplayer. Elrohir and Elladan serve as the backbone to this deck providing all the necessary combat for the deck in solo. Arwen Undómiel provides solid resource generation that will be able to go on any of the three heroes. Galadriel and Weather Hills Watchman fetch attachments. Northern Tracker helps manage locations while Faramir and the Ethir Swordsman bring questing power. Gandalf brings a powerful addition in willpower the turn he enters play as well as a versatile ability to solve either the card draw or threat issue. The goal is to get Steward of Gondor on Elrohir which allows him to accumulate resources and equip Blood of Númenor and Gondorian Fire. While Gondorian Fire may seem strange on Elrohir it allows him to ready after all the defenses and kill one large enemy with the mass of resources he obtains. It would also be inefficient to try and put it on Elladan via In Service of the Steward so it gets placed on Elrohir. Extra copies of Blood of Númenor and Gondorian Fire are not necessary so they fuel Arwen Undómiel's discards. The Dúnedain Warning's go on Elrohir and the Dúnedain Mark's on Elladan. Rivendell Blade should first be placed on Elladan and depending on the average defense of the enemies in the given quest a second copy may be useless as the enemies all have 2 or less defense. The second copy can go on Elrohir or can be discarded to Arwen Undómiel. Gondorian Shield is good but not necessary and can be discarded if Elrohir is already well equiped. Ancient Mathom provides valuable card draw. Elven-light is an auto include with Arwen Undómiel and helps further the resource generation and card draw engine. Elrond's Counsel helps questing which the deck can lack in the early game while also managing threat. A Test of Will is a spirit staple. Tighten Our Belts is a great card as it helps meet the resource needs of the brother's while also given Arwen Undómiel resources to pay for Ethir Swordsman and Northern Tracker.

If you are using the deck in multiplayer you can switch out a Gondorian Shield and a few of the other attachments to add Dúnedain Signal and Dúnedain Cache in order to help out other players.


Sep 12, 2016 silverthorn 35

This is a cool deck. I've been planning to go back to solo play so I built this deck (with a couple of changes to cover for having 1 core set) and I'll be using it.