how mighty they have been, alligned silvans and dwarfes

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doomguard 1104

mulligan O Lórien! or King Under the Mountain

playing advice

  • play that ally, that is the cheapest, try as often as possible use the discount from the contract
  • use the exhausting of the contract wisely, there are planty of possibilities:
    1. flat bonus of dain for the silvans (tegether with celeborns bonus, its + 2 for every silvan, enters the play this round) if you use this, make it before questing, because it endures to the end of the round. good fro powerrounds with Host of Galadhrim
    2. use it for The Tree People if you want to can choose a dwarf
    3. if you have Hardy Leadership use it to give the silvans precious hitpoints, together with Silvan Tracker they heal it, before it expire
    4. if you have no silvan out or want to use a cheaper dwarf for Feigned Voices
    5. if you want to play dwarfes this round and perhaps use the A Very Good Tale to get in more dwarfes (e.g. ehausting eisting silvans), it can be usefull to use it on celeborn, so the dwarfes get the bonus, make it early enough, else the dwarfes will nit get the bonus.
    6. if gloin is in hand and there are not enough dwarfes, but enough dwarfes+silvans
    7. heal the dwarfes with silvan tracker if needed

multiplayer Best way to play that deck is multiplayer if celeborn is in a different deck, then you can choose a spirit-silvan as 3. hero and can use spiritlegolas and use spiritallies (specially Galadhrim Weaver and Galadriel's Handmaiden he also can refresh dain, so he can quest.


Mar 30, 2021 Seastan 31233

Very cool. If you are defending mostly with your dwarves, then Silvan Tracker is another good target for the contract to help heal them.

Targeting Glóin while he's in your hand will make it easy to trigger his ability when you play him.

I see you have picked a few Dwarves with enters play effects which will be fun to trigger a second time with Host of Galadhrim.

Mar 30, 2021 doomguard 1104

gloin is o good idea! should be added to the list of contract usage

@ come into play, a partner who has many attachements the Erebor Hammersmith will shine, or if i discard my own with the A Very Good Tale

Mar 30, 2021 doomguard 1104

gloin is added to the list.