Outlands are SPEEEEED

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3jhi0U 14

I know that there are many decks most likely identical to this one but this one works just as fine. I beat the entire Grey Havens saga (Expansion packs included) as well as the Heirs of Numenor Cycle in one go! When I was younger I loved Outlands and would not stop using it. I am currently trying to beat the Lost realm cycle and I lost against the last one a few times before I beat it mainly because I ran out of cards in my deck. But after 5 tries I finally beat it!.

Starting Hand Its the same as always. Steward of Gondor in starting hand but make sure you don't have a ton of allies because you wont be able to pay for them all. Heir of Madril of Hirulin and then give him Denethors resource after he quests.


May 25, 2021 Truck 1202

Never thought of the Hirluin the Fair/Heir of Mardil/Denethor combo. Nice!

May 25, 2021 eddyvan 29

But Hirluin the Fair doesn't have the Noble trait. Am I missing something?

May 25, 2021 Truck 1202

@eddyvan, OUCH. You are right. That is fixable with Diligent Noble, which shouldn't be to hard to dig for with Erestor.

May 25, 2021 GreenWizard 269

And it also only works if Hirluin the Fair has Steward of Gondor, right?

May 25, 2021 Truck 1202

@GreenWizard, Yes, Steward is needed to give Denethor's resources to Hirluin.

May 26, 2021 ira212 234

I assumed it was Captain's Wisdom on Denethor who could then ready with Heir of Mardil, and Denethor can push resources to Hirluin the Fair once he takes over Steward duties.

I’m surprised to see quite that much resource generation - do you end up with too many resources? I wonder about cutting back slightly on making resources and perhaps adding cards like Shining Shield and Armored Destrier so Denethor can be a sturdy defender.

I also think you might have trouble with early questing power, so I might consider cards like Celebrían's Stone or Faramir. If you get a couple Ethir Swordsman, you’ll obviously be fine, but having a couple extra cards early might be good?

I also wonder about a copy of Grim Resolve. It’s super nice in multiplayer to help out everyone, but even in solo, your characters can do a lot.

Finally, maybe it’s worth including Gather Information or Prepare for Battle to increase your chances of getting the cards you need for the given moment.

Seems like a fun Outlands deck!

May 26, 2021 3jhi0U 14

oh questing power is fine. Thank you for the reminder that I need him to have a Noble trait so just replace one or 2 of the legacy of numeror for a diligent noble. Questing is no problem. Early on maybe but once I get 2 or 3 Ethir Swordsman, that's a lot of questing!!