The Dead Marshes Solo Progression

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DECK NAME - Green Goo

This is a really fun, strategic deck. I wanted to create a deck that could scry for Gollum in the event that he is shuffled into the encounter deck, but one that usually doesn't put him there.


  • Beravor and Bilbo results in 3 cards drawn a round. If you are able to get Gleowine out, it's even better.
  • A good first round play is putting Rivendell Minstrel into play to search your deck for a Song of Kings or Song of Travel.
  • The first few rounds, don't commit any characters to the quest. Just take the threat increase. Save Bilbo and any allies in play for the Escape Test. You want to keep resources off Gollum.
  • At the end of every round, you want to use Denethor's ability to see what will be revealed next quest phase. If it's a card you'd rather not face, bury it. 2X UC eventually means you can control the encounter deck. Henamarth is helpful early on in case Denethor buries a card. Then you know what to expect at least, and can use Denethor's ability during planning if the card is a killer.
  • Use Sneak Attack/Gandalf mostly for combat emergencies early on. He's mostly for threat reduction, and for games that go multiple rounds, use Will of the West to recycle the Sneak Attacks in your discard pile. Gandalf can be useful to eliminate Wargs early on.
  • Eventually, Celebrian's Stone attached to Bilbo and one Escort to Edoras will result in no lost Escape Tests from Gollum's effect since the worst result is an Escape 5.
  • IF GOLLUM IS EVER SHUFFLED INTO THE ENCOUNTER DECK - Denethor and 2 or 3x UC will greatly improve your chances to find him and reveal him during questing.


  • Beravor - attach both Songs, Steward of Gondor, 3x Dunedain Mark and 1x UC
  • Bilbo - attach one of the Songs, Celebrian's Stone, and Fast Hitch
  • Denethor - attach one the Songs, 3x Dunedain Warning, and 2x UC


  • Escort to Edoras - exclusively use for Escape Tests
  • Henamarth - use after Denethor uses his ability after combat so you know what is coming next
  • Northern Tracker - mostly used for rare combat, but can also eliminate some locations with low quest points
  • Forest Snare - essential against 2x Hill Trolls, 2x Marsh Adder, and 4X Giant Marsh Worm. With all the card discarded in this quest, the most I've ever had out in one game is 3.
  • Test of Will - Denethor will usually bury the Escape Test treacheries, but ToW is there to bail you out of one comes across during staging.