The Eagle Scouts

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The Oath - 1 Player - 2021-08-18
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Seastan 37092

"On my honor..."


With the combined discount of Widfast, Hirgon, and The Last Alliance, you can play Eagles of the Misty Mountains for free on turn 1, every game. For the remainder of the game, you can target the EotMM with the contract and use your discarded Scout allies in addition to your eagles to quickly bolster up its attack and defense to insane levels, then double those stats with Support of the Eagles on Gwaihir.

I have found the deck to be quite powerful and well-rounded. Its main weak spot is its starting threat. So if you are taking it for a test drive, Journey Along the Anduin is probably not the best pick. Perfectly fine in solo, but even better in multiplayer, as it's got ranged, sentinel, and Widfast's anti-location-lock. Plus, you get to annoy everyone when Gavin inevitably reveals an Outlying Homestead (true story).


Most of the bases are covered here:

  • Questing: All your heroes can quest, with Gwaihir readying after Hirgon plays an ally.
  • Defense: Gwaihir is a solid early game defender, but after a turn or two of stacking your eagles/scouts under EotMM, it will become the main defender.
  • Attack: Lots of solid attacking allies, but once Gwaihir gets Support of the Eagles he should 1-shot pretty much everything.
  • Healing: No healing to speak of, but that's fine, just kill off your allies, stack them under EotMM, and play more with all your discounts.
  • Card Draw: I am a sucker for tons of card draw. In here you've got The Eagles Are Coming!, Ancient Mathom, and Keen as Lances in a pinch. You can also recycle the Mathom with Dwarven Tomb.
  • Resouces: Cost reduction from Hirgon and the contract, resource generation from Gavin.
  • Cancellation: A Test of Will of course.
  • Threat reduction: Keen as Lances. You could also consider a Double Back, though with all the cost reduction I was pretty resource-rich and I liked the flexibility that KaL gave to draw cards if the quest was not punishing my threat.

Some fun Last Alliance interactions:

  • Target The Eagles Are Coming! to draw a ton of cards, taking any card with the Eagle trait or the Scout trait into your hand.
  • Target Scouting Party for to give everyone, including your eagles, +2 for that final questing push.
  • Want to ready Gwaihir but don't have an eagle in hand? Target him with the contract and ready him with a scout.

"They went openly but heedfully, with mounted scouts..." −The Return of the King


Aug 19, 2021 doomguard 1488

questing or 6/7 1. turn seems risky to me for a guranteed hirgon considering hard quests. or do u use discount + widfast to get an Eagles of the Misty Mountains save 1. round?

a Miruvor could help to get an Eagles of the Misty Mountains and #gavin out 1. turn.

Aug 19, 2021 Seastan 37092

@doomguardIf you have a lot of threat starting in the staging area, you could take a mulligan for Eagle Emissary and play him right away. He only costs 1 (Contract). Then you can quest for 8, and still play Eagles of the Misty Mountains for 1. Then you can discard the Emissary and boost the Eagles right away.

If you are really worried about not passing the quest, you can just play the Eagles in planning for a cost of 1, and get out some different ally with Hirgon.

Aug 19, 2021 Emmental 360

Hmm i thing Forced effect happens before Responses so sadly T1 Eagle Emissary leaves play before Hirgon can play an EotMM.

Aug 19, 2021 Seastan 37092

@Emmental Ah yes. So you would miss out on the buff then.