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gonzokhan 162

gonzokhan has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Three Elven Hunters Love To Discard

I love Forth, The Three Hunters!, as it feels like a RPG with a group of heroes armed to the teeth, and I love Noldor and their discard mechanism, so I created this deck with Erestor the king of discard, the fair Arwen Undómiel and the mighty Glorfindel. I have a lot of fun playing this deck, as it has many little choices (when to discard which card, side quests, who gets which (restricted) attachment, ..) througout the game.

Erestor is the tank who can handle even strong enemies with Protector of Lórien, Cloak of Lórien and A Burning Brand. He should be the main target for Unexpected Courage, Magic Ring, Lembas and Miruvor. With Cloak of Lórien and Protector of Lórien he as a solid 6 (7 in a forest) or if needed up to additional 3 with a second Protector of Lórien.

Speaking of Miruvor: This is a great card for an Erestor deck, as you can use it for readying and than put it back on top of your deck for the next round. Even if you cannot effort in a round, you can use it to generate a spirit ressource and put it back on top. You don't loose much momentum as you draw 4 cards each round. And in mid and end game you have enough ressources to use it each round as an extra action.

Arwen Undómiel is the main quester and her ability is of course very useful, as you want to buy as many cards as possible before discarding them at the end of the round. To prevent discarding useful cards when you don't have enough ressources at the moment, Silver Harp is very powerful to keep key cards in your hand. And it helps to use all the crazy discard actions (Protector of Lórien, Elven Spear, Arwen Undómiels ability, ...). Silver Circlet and Steed of Imladris are other nice attachments for her.

Glorfindel as damage dealer can hit quite powerful with some weapons: Elven Spear, Rivendell Blade, Legacy Blade and most important War Axe. So one of the key cards is Song of Battle, which should be the main goal for a mulligan. As backup Reforged can be used. After Erestor has 1 or 2 cards to ready him attached, Glorfindel should get the next one. Of course he is never sad if he has Light of Valinor and his loyal Asfaloth. Also Silver Circlet or Steed of Imladris could be used with him, if the quest needs more willpower or progress.

The side quests make the deck more interesting, have useful effects and after resolving 1 or 2, Legacy Blade becomes a formidable weapon. During some quests I was lucky to have Glorfindel equipped with 2 of them and resolved all 3 side quests for a nice boost of +6 (very lucky if aided by War Axe and Elven Spear for up to 16 ;-) ). The Legacy Blade is also a nice option to fullfil Forth, The Three Hunters! when only one restricted attachment is missing, as it costs 0 and can be used by anyof the heroes.

The first Golden Belt should be used by Glorfindel, the second one either by Arwen Undómiel or Erestor. For multiplayer Elven Mail might be added from the sideboard for Erestor. One Song of Travel is included for Erestor, as you need much more ressources than .