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FranekWojtek 18

I puted cirdan here to draw more cards and flip contract faster.


Oct 13, 2021 Flrbb 141

I like this concept, nice lineup. Also, a good ratio of restricted cards.

If Golden Shield (and Snowmane, too) isn't at hands, there is no defender, which might lead to some unwanted game states.

Anyhow, not sure what Skyward Volley does in this deck, except being discard fodder for Cirdan or Steed of Imladris.

I'd consider to add: 3x A Test of Will, 3x Unexpected Courage, 1x Double Back. Candidates to remove: Anchor Watch, Skyward Volley, We Are Not Idle. Probably reduce the amount of Silver Circlet, too (there is just a single copy of Celebrían's Stone - both cards are kind of equal, except the Circle can only be attached to Círdan the Shipwright)

Oct 13, 2021 Truck 972

Silver Harp is always good with Cirdan