Mutual Accord: Rohan

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Mutual Accord: The Saga of Gondor and Rohan's Friendship
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AutumnRose 167

This is one of two decks that I took through an entire two-handed saga without any trouble. The only quest I didn't use this deck for was Mount Doom. I also took this deck through the entirety of the Haradrim cycle.

The other deck in the fellowship is here:

Starting Hand

I usually mulligan for any of a few acceleration pieces:

Horn of the Mark is useful because it gives tons of card draw. If I never find it the entire game, I'm usually okay without it because of the card draw from the contract and the way Thengel can build your board state without the need for card draw. Need Brooks No Delay is super useful because it can usually bring you out a unique 3-cost ally on the first turn for a single resource. The optimal ally to get from this would be Gamling. Aside from these two things, all this deck really needs on the first turn to get going is a cheap ally to discard. I find that Escort from Edoras works the best on the first turn. After questing for 4 and discarding, Thengel can often go find a much better ally.

In a perfect world (and this happened to me a few times) you get Horn of the Mark, Need Brooks No Delay, and an Escort from Edoras in your opening hand. Need Brooks No Delay finds you Gamling, and you play Horn of the Mark. You can now quest every round with your Escort From Edoras, drawing a card, returning it to your hand, and replacing it with a new ally via Thengel.

Digging for the Cards you Need

Even with 100 cards in your deck, this deck finds no problems digging through to find what you need. A Perilous Voyage lets you look at two cards and draw one. Westfold Horse-breeder lets you dig for a mount. Thengel is usually digging through the top 5 cards pretty much every round for a useful ally. The Muster of Rohan lets you dig through the top 10 cards for up to 4 allies that can be helpful. Yes, this does mean you are shuffling a humungous 100-card deck multiple times as round and that can be annoying sometimes. Just think of it as hand-strengthening exercises.

A Few More Tricks

This deck has lots of utility and answers for many things a quest can throw at you. It has plenty of location control with The Riddermark's Finest and Ride to Ruin. It has a Helm of Secrecy you can always go search for with either Gather Information or by flipping the contract. If you have a pesky enemy you can't seem to get rid of, ramp your threat up and flip your contract. You can use it to go find Fierce Defense and trigger its Valour Response without paying a single resource.


This deck often struggles with mustering enough attack power to reliably defeat enemies. When I played through my saga campaign, I solved this by putting Valiant Warrior and Intimidation on Théoden. Éowyn can help you take down a big enemy or two of course, and Riddermark Knight can go a long way. If all else fails, put Tireless Thoroughbred onto a warrior character of someone you are playing with, and let them help you with ranged.