Mutual Accord: Gondor

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Mutual Accord: The Saga of Gondor and Rohan's Friendship
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AutumnRose 173

This is one of two decks that I took through an entire two-handed saga without any trouble. The only quest I didn't use this deck for was Mount Doom. I also took this deck through the entirety of the Against the Shadow cycle.

The other deck in the fellowship is here:

Starting Hand

I mulligan aggressively for Steward of Gondor. This deck is very resource-hungry, and having steward out as fast as possible really helps. If you can't find Steward, a few cheap allies are also useful so you can use them to fuel card draw via Ingold.

The Great Balancing Act

When you play this deck, you start to see that everything you do is part of a balancing act. You can trigger Ingold's response reliably twice per turn (once from playing an ally in Planning, and once from putting an ally into play with Lothíriel). You can even trigger it more times per turn with Morwen Steelsheen, who can be put into play in any phase, or A Very Good Tale. This means that you will have tons of card draw, but it also means you will be sky-rocketing your threat. In many cases this is a good thing: it will power up Angbor the Fearless and Veteran of Osgiliath, and give you tons of card draw through Soldier of Gondor. You can even drive that threat up more aggressively with Legacy of Númenor.

There can be too much of a good thing. Be careful not to threat out. Once you hit valour, hit the breaks on Ingold's response and instead use his response by paying resources. There are also a few key threat-reducing cards that you can easily find to help you maintain the balance:

The other balancing act in this deck is one of resource management. In the early game, you want to use pretty much all your resources every round to accelerate out your allies and build your board state. However, as you build up some key cards, it will start becoming more beneficial to horde resources instead of spending them. Visionary Leadership and Boromir reward you for keeping resources, as do Rammas Lookout and Rammas Sentry.

The Sideboard

If you are playing a saga campaign and are on any quest with Aragorn, it might be a good idea to add in any of the Aragorn-specific cards from the sideboard. I only ended up adding them in for the Flame of the West quests.

Mutual Accord

Why do I have Mutual Accord in this deck? As I mentioned, this deck works best when paired with a Rohan deck. When you do this, Mutual Accord opens up lots of options. It can be used for:

  • Getting a big spike of questing power after seeing the staging of encounter cards (by allowing your Rohan buddies to benefit from Visionary Leadership)
  • Getting a big global ready by letting Éomund ready all Rohan and Gondor characters
  • Equipping items onto characters they weren't designed for. Want to put a Golden Shield or Light-footed Steed on Ingold? Play a Mutual Accord and now your Rohan buddy can play their Rohan-specific attachments on you.
  • Giving your Rohan buddy some damage reduction with Rammas Sentry.


This deck doesn't have any strong early-game defenders. Once you have an ally swarm, you can defend with chumps or Knight of the White Tower, but it can take a while to get to that point. When I played my saga campaign, I solved this by putting Tireless Ranger and Forewarned on Boromir. With his global attack buff, you usually don't need him for attacking anyway.


Dec 20, 2021 doomguard 1127

sneack +gandalf should help to fit the gaps nevertheless where they are (and is a good target for A Very Good Tale to exhaust).

Captain's Wisdom is perhaps a good card for this deck.

Dec 20, 2021 AutumnRose 173

@doomguard thanks for checking out my deck!

I'm sure if you wanted to add sneak attack Gandalf in there you would have a great time. In all my plays with this deck I have never found I needed Gandalf for anything, plus I would rather be able to use every ally in this deck with Ingold and Lothiriel's abilities.