Haradrim cycle | Spirit + Leadership deck - Elves and friend

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Fellowship for the second half of the Haradrim cycle
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KaiRong 7

Disclaimer: this deck has been created to build up on the synergy effects with the Tactics-Lore deck from the same Fellowship, thus it is not advised to use it as a solo deck - it will simply not work.

This is progression-style leadership and spirit deck I put together in my attempts to finish the second half of the Haradrim cycle (Beneath the Sands and onwards). The Fellowship performed surprisingly well, clearing all 4 scenarios on first try.

The main focus of the deck is to be able to hoard on resources for (Gondorian Fire and occasional Blood of NĂºmenor) quest with decent willpower, manage threat level and clear the board with high combat power ranged attacks. It also offers location control with Northern Tracker and Glorfindel with Asfaloth (with occasional Thror's key in cases of scenarios with nasty location abilities i.e. Beneath the Sands, Dungeons of Cirith Gurat or The Crossings of Poros).

Your ideal starting hand shall have one Envoy, Steward and Light of Valinor. Song of Kings also goes on Glorfindel, as your aim should be to spend resources from Gimli only to ready Legolas. One copy of Blood of NĂºmenor and Magic Ring goes for Glorfindel, and potentially one Unexpected Courage as well, but you can also put that one on Legolas, depending on your preference for fix 4-7 ranged damage from Legolas or potentially a lot more damage from Glorfindel if using Gondorian Fire with hoarded resources.

The rest of the deck is pretty straightforward. The Stone and Sword are for Aragorn, two copies of Unexpected Courage are for Beregond who can handle the majority of defenses. I use The Galadhrim's Greeting, Renewed Friendship and Galadriel's Handmaiden for maintaining the threat level of the Tactics-Lore deck. Unlikely Friendship generates resource for Gimli and help with card draws, supported by Ancient Mathom and Prepare for Battle. Sneak Attack is obviously for Gandalf, who can be used as per the board situation, but this combo is just an additional insurance as the deck does not really rely upon him. I only played this combo in The Crossings of Poros, where it definitely helped, but the other scenarios were just fine without it.

Ever My Heart Rises was used specifically in Beneath the Sands, while Hasty Stroke can be teched flexibly to counter some annoying shadow effects.