The Glory of Men - The Ride of Rohan

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The Glory of Men - Two Player Thematic
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- Intro -

This is my take on the classic Forth, The Three Hunters! setup (but without the contract). It is part of both a two-player and three-player fellowship I am working on. It can also be used in true solo if Great Yew Bow is removed for more . The purpose of this deck and the two fellowships is to return enemies to the staging area.

- Questing -

Herubrand is your only questing hero; his ability can be triggered by Horn of the Mark, Snowmane, and the many combat related attachments. West Road Traveller provide permanent while Westfold Lancer, Gandalf, and Escort from Edoras provide temporary boosts.

- Combat -

Fastred is your defender (obviously). He can be boosted with Round Shield and Golden Shield. Dúnhere is the second main attacker in the fellowship who draws strength from Spear of the Mark and Dagger of Westernesse.

- Engines -

Ancient Mathom, Herubrand, and Horn of the Mark combine to provide sufficient excellent draw. However, Need Brooks No Delay is the only source of resource acceleration.

- Other -

Threat reduction is handled by Double Back, Fastred, Secret Vigil, and Gandalf. Healing is in the partner deck.

- Tricks -

-Gamling can recycle the escorts from Edoras or Westfold lancers

-Gúthwinë in the other deck can also recycle the Rohan allies

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading


May 21, 2022 LEGOlas 76

I think having an extra Gamling in the sideboard would be ideal if you are not playing with the Gúthwinë deck.