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TheChad 8345

This is the suggested deck-list for a dunedain deck, found in the rules of the newly released Angmar Awakened player card box.

We all know the Dunedain are known for staying out of sight, and this deck-list seems to emphasize that.

Instead of listing all the things I do not like about this deck I will leave that for you do to in the comments. Please add your suggestions using the Core and cards from the Angmar Awakened Cycle.

Also, I think you should be able to include the Starter Deck cards. I understand why the person who made this deck left them out, but I think a lot of new players have those cards and would want to include them in the deck building process.

i am adding this deck to a fellowship with the other suggested deck-list.

I also with give these 2 decks a fair shake and try them against a quest or two, Keep Watch for those videos on the Cardboard of the Rings YouTube channel.


Jun 17, 2022 blueluke 128

Here's the original deck description from the box leaflet:

The vigilant Dúnedain are undaunted by fear and danger. In their duty to safeguard the realm, these Ranger of the North selflessly walk in harm's way. This courage is represented by your heroes becoming more powerful when you are engaged with at least one enemy. Instead of destroying all your foes, try to leave a small enemy engaged with you.

Stout Amarthiúl is your primary defender, and Honour Guards will help him survive most attacks. Feints and Snowbourn Scouts can be used for big attacks. Aragorn is a highly skilled combatant, and equipping him with both Sword of Númenors lets him destroy most enemies with a single attack.

Steward of Gondor is a key card of this deck and it's often played on Amarthiúl since he can gain the sphere. Sneak Attack works very well with Gandalf and, since this deck lacks card draw, drawing 3 cards with him is common.

Jun 17, 2022 TheChad 8345

Thank you @blueluke!

Jun 20, 2022 Beorn 11035

Excuse me sir, I think you left your Veteran Axehand in my garden. Please remove him, so I can get on with protecting The Shire.

Jun 22, 2022 Marctimmins89 24

Hey @TheChad, I'm curious about what changes you'd make to this deck if you only had a single Core and this Angmar Awakened box. I.e. no 3 x Steward, Sneak Attack etc. I enjoyed listening to you talk through changes to the Starter decks and wondered how you'd approach this.

Jun 24, 2022 TheChad 8345

@Marctimmins89 thank you. I plan on putting out a video very soon where I do some deck building and make a fellowship based on this one that includes different cards from these two sets. I think the easiest and simplest change I would make to this deck is get rid of Amarthiúl and replace him with Beravor. Then, you can add some card draw cards plus her ability. I think that is the biggest issue of this deck is the lack of card draw.

Jun 25, 2022 Marctimmins89 24

@TheChad I agree that card draw is severely lacking. I've been playing a version of this deck for a few days now (Adjusted Angmar Dunedain listed above), and I kept the hero line up but honestly, it's still limited by card draw. I'd worry about losing Amarthuil as his abilities give you resource acceleration and smoothing all in one.