The Last Alliance of Bears and Trees

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Road to Rings: Shellin's Tree-Bear'd 8 6 2 1.0
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Shellin 1818

Shellin has a newer deck inspired by this one: Road to Rings: Shellin's Tree-Bear'd

While I do tend to like to let ALeP cards have a pretty lengthy amount of time in the wild before sharing some of my favorite decks from the playtesting process, I do occasionally have a deck that is so fun that I feel like I need to get out and publish it. This is one of those decks.

The recent Mustering of the Rohirrim AP came with quite a few new cards aimed at filling out the Beorning trait to the point that it could be a primary focus of a deck, instead of just relying on the big heroes and allies mixed in with other traits. Bears love trees, so it seemed like a pretty fun idea to try to make a The Last Alliance deck with Beornings and Ents, especially since the new hero Osbera shares some synergy with cards like Booming Ent that also want to have some damage spread out on the board.

Right off the bat, this is primarily a Grimbeorn the Old deck. He's just about the best combat hero we have in this game, so the power level here is obviously going to be pretty solid just by having him and classic attachments for him. It's definitely not as good as a deck that would use Steward of Gondor or Forth, The Three Hunters!, but I think the fun gained from all of the interactions with the contract is worth the loss in top end absurdity that our bare-chested bear-man sometimes can have.

Piloting is pretty simple, with the hope to be to use Osbera's bear side, Quickbeam, or Archery to start spreading damage around the board so that Osbera's Lore side can get a sizeable reduction to staging area threat. There isn't a ton of quick questing power thanks to Ents entering exhausted, but I've found it to be plenty in multiplayer and still reasonable serviceable in solo. The contract itself can be used like Galadriel or Éowyn in the post-staging action window to include damaged Ents into the threat reduction calculation, which is nice for rounds where you're not sure you need it and might want to use it during the combat phase.

Treebeard is absolutely a deck-defining card here, being playable from Turn 1 thanks to the cost reduction from having more Beorning heroes than Ents. Using the contract on him can allow his resources to help pay for Beorning allies or ready Grimbeorn to handle another attack around the table. There isn't a ton of card draw available here, but I've found that Entmoot with the contract usually does a pretty reasonable job and Beorning Pony can help get the discard pile seeded for a Beorning Skin-changer.

Boomed and Trumpeted is also a really fun card when you can play it on Grimbeorn instead of the usual Ent use cases. Prior to getting a weapon or Rohan Warhorse online this card can be incredibly helpful for dealing with some early game enemies.

Aside from Grimberon himself, this deck is fairly light on uniques, with Treebeard and Quickbeam likely being the only two cards that another player at the table might really want to have in their deck as well, so it will definitely be one of the decks I'm bringing to Con of the Rings this year.


Jul 29, 2022 drabblecast 37


Jul 29, 2022 Seastan 35552

Nice to see this finally published! I see you passed on my Tree-bear'd title suggestion xD.

Jul 29, 2022 Shellin 1818

@Seastan a glaring oversight by me when writing up the description, for sure.

Jul 30, 2022 doomguard 1323

would replace 1 War Axe with another weapon (mostly Warrior Sword ) grimbeorn can only wield 1 War Axe

Jul 30, 2022 Shellin 1818

@doomguard Warrior Sword is a good shout. I have a slightly modified version where Osbera plays a Forest Snare on an enemy so that the next time she flips she can stay a Bear for the rest of the game and Warrior Sword is great there.

I found I preferred the readying of the Rohan Warhorse more than the extra attack on most cases for the second Restricted slot, but there are definitely a few good ways to go about buffing up Grimbeorn.

Aug 01, 2022 Beorn 11609

I give this deck two paws, way up!

Aug 01, 2022 SwampFox4776 87

I saw Descendents of Beorn this morning as the card of the day on discord and thought to myself what a potentially fun deck beornings and ents could make! Lo and Behold, it's already here! Thanks for sharing.

Aug 01, 2022 doomguard 1323

@Shellini do not know if i understand you right, Osbera is never able to wield a Warrior Sword (she has no warrior in green and the bear could not wear an restricted)

i understand, that the Rohan Warhorse is more important for Grimbeorn the Old than a 2. weapon and then the War Axe is the best. 2 weapons are perhaps not enough, would perhaps replace 1 Captain of Gondor with a Open the Armory or a 3. axe

Aug 01, 2022 SwampFox4776 87

@doomguard he was saying that not only does A Forest Snare keep Osbera in bear form, it also would increase Warrior's Sword as well if that were out. Not necessarily on Osbera. At least that's how I read it.

Aug 01, 2022 Shellin 1818

Yeah, @SwampFox4776 has the right of my intention there. The sword would go on Grimbeorn since it’s easier to guarantee at least +2 attack with it if you have an enemy Snared