Single Core Series: Land of Sorrow

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TheChad 11771

This is the deck I used to defeat The Land of Sorrow for my Single Core Series.

The video can be found here:

Well, I had one chance in this series to play Messenger of the King, I decided to use it with Arwen Undómiel. Her defense boost is great for either Radagast or Gwaihir. As you can see there are barely any neutral or cards in the deck, so she should be able to keep Wilyador in play. Use Wizard Pipe to get the most benefit out of Gwaihir's Debt by putting Gandalf on top of your deck.

This is a very powerful deck that handles whatever is thrown at it.

Happy Questing!


Sep 19, 2022 doomguard 1726

would discard Eagle Emissary and put in 1-2 of Loyal Hound and Messenger Raven

Sep 20, 2022 TheChad 11771

@doomguard the emissary is one of the key cards of this deck. Leaving after questing allows me to ready Gwaihir if he did not ready in the planning phase or I needed him to quest. Plus it boosts the eagles of the Misty mountain. I had the messenger Raven in the deck for a little bit but it wasn't doing anything and it was pretty much a waste of rady's resource or the staff. Finally, questing for two when I needed a big quest push was super helpful.

Sep 20, 2022 doomguard 1726

is this expensive readying really needed? there is Unexpected Courage and Flight of the Eagles and some eagles that can die while defending (Winged Guardian or Vassal of the Windlord even perhaps a Wilyador )

as i played Gwaihir i had enough readying without the Eagle Emissary

but, if playing solo i assume you need the questboost.