Simple. Walk into Mordor. End Things.

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kjeld 480

Glorfindel scoffs. What Manish buffoonery is this? Of course one can simply walk into Mordor! Pushing his way to the table, he takes up The One Ring, and examines the artifact.

"Pah!", he says, "Such great fuss over so little a trinket. I have faced down balrogs of Morgoth and been reborn. The light of Valinor shines within me and orcs and Nazgul alike tremble in fear when I reveal my wrath. I have no need for rings."

Turning, he scans the assembled representatives of the Free Peoples, gathered to this Council that Lord Elrond has deemed fit to assemble. He glances to the Half-elven. Ever so slightly, the great lord of the house nods.

Faster than mortal eyes can track, Glorfindel shifts to stand before Boromir. "So, son of Gondor, you would shrink from this final task? I think not. The valour of men yet lives, you claim. So prove it."

The master ring sparkles as it spins through the air to land in the startled hand of the Captain of Gondor. Boromir stares in fascination and awe at the weapon of the enemy, now finally within his grasp.

Glorfindel reaches out, and lifts Boromir's chin to lock eyes. "Come, strengthen your heart! The burden will be heavy, but I will show you the way to end things."

Give Boromir The One Ring, and generally fish for Inner Strength so that he can defend at 4 out of the gate with shadow effect protection. Together, your heroes can quest for 6 and attack back for 8 turn one with no help.

It's helpful to mulligan for Light of Valinor, but not strictly necessary as you can use the contract's readying or Unexpected Courage or Onward Into Battle, too. Silvan Refugee is also nice to see, or a combination of Foe-hammer plus one of the three types of weapons.

Allies mostly help with questing, as your heroes should be able to stomp pretty much anything that engages you (even multiple somethings), especially once you drop a few attachments on them. But there's a few utility allies as well. There's a general lack of healing, but Honour Guard and Roving Herbmaster help, as do the Spare Pipes and even Magic Ring. Use the Erebor Toymaker with Unexpected Courage or Onward Into Battle if you can -- this is good to play when you flip the contract.

Attachments are pretty straightforward, mostly geared toward making your heroes unstoppable combat engines. Note that Pippin can take any extra War Axes or Warrior Swords.

A Stout Heart is fantastic for some quick threat reduction and allows you to safely take a smaller enemy undefended as needed.


Oct 21, 2022 Birdman137 30

I love the intro segment you wrote! This deck caught my eye since these two heroes carried me through the majority of the 2nd and 3rd cycles. Boromir is still one of my favorites.

Oct 21, 2022 kjeld 480

In multiplayer, I would sub out the 3x Silvan Refugees for 3x Wait no Longer -- this might even be worthwhile in solo play, though the deck struggles with too many 2-cost cards due to lack of resource acceleration.

Oct 21, 2022 doomguard 1572

the introduction was great, but imo the deck lacks the intro. i have thought of the both heroes alone "simply" to make it. and i think, that they would be more efficient as a Forth, The Three Hunters! (imagine Galadriel or Arwen Undómiel as 3rd who usually stays at home and support through imagination and inspitation.)

Oct 22, 2022 Truck 1279

Awesome write up!