Discard Eagles and Rohans for the win

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Discard Eagles and Rohans for the win
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Horses? We ride Eagles into battle! 15 5 0 1.0
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Kaspatou 520

Duo of decks that play in synergy the eagles and the Rohans with The Last Alliance and a support deck.

Why associate Rohan and eagles?

Rohans has a lot of discards effects and eagles too.

Gwaihir can be ready when a Rohan leaves play.

Thengel can put into play Rohans or eagles. We can discards ally with almost all allies from the deck ! We have 2 Elendilmir to repeat that twice. Elendilmir can be for Galadriel too if we need to manage the threat.

Théoden can reduce the first Rohan but the first eagle too if we want ! For exemple with the contract + Theoden, we can pay an Eagles of the Misty Mountains for only two... And we generate a ressource with Alagos !

With Wilyador, it's free and generate a ressource ! (without Theoden) We can return him in our hand with Gamling and repeat it ! We have Gúthwinë to do that too.

Even better, with Golden Crown we can have Wilyador for free, generate a ressource... And a second when we discard him before the end of the turn. This is very satisfying.

Saruman helps to get the deck out even faster.

Galadriel manages the threat and drawing. She can have Unexpected Courage with Nenya too.

Maybe the most important issue with those decks is the threat.

So we have :

2 Double Back, 3 Hidden Roosts, 3 Galadriel's Handmaiden, Morwen Steelsheen who can reduce our threat each turn same as Galadriel.

We draw a lot with :

Deep Knowledge, Galadriel, Hidden Roosts, The Eagles Are Coming!, Gléowine, Horn of the Mark.

We have heal with Morwen Steelsheen and 3 Warden of Healing

We have 6 A Test of Will so we can cancel everything :)

Those decks fight very well, and quest properly. Messenger of Manwë are very usefull to quest and give ressources with Alagos.

I hesitated to put Word of Command in support deck, it's still in testing phase.