Babysitting Merry - a Vilya Starter Deck #RCO

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The Wastes of Eriador - 1 Player - 2023-05-25
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bhuster 642

Revised Content Only (RCO)

The Elrond + Vilya archetype is one of the strongest in the game. Its ability to thrown down high-cost, high-value allies is unmatched. Coupled with Elrond's static ability to pay for any sphere ally and you have the keys to unlock very powerful decks.

Vilya can be a bit tricky to use, however. Without some way to sequence your deck, you'll be at the mercy of RNG. That's where Gandalf comes in. His static ability lets you peek at the top of your deck to ensure you know exactly what card you can play with Vilya. Once you equip Wizard Pipe, then you can swap the top card of the deck with any in your hand. This way, you can maximize its value!

Unfortunately, with a limited card pool, typical Vilya ally staples are unavailable. But there are still plenty of strong options within Revised Content that we can use to make a solid deck.

How to use this deck:

Hopefully this can get you started on this powerful archetype! Good luck!


May 23, 2023 LaPulgaz 1

I loved your first deck. Now I'm going to try this one and I'm sure I'll like it a lot too. Thanks for sharing them.

May 24, 2023 bhuster 642

Thanks @LaPulgaz! It’s beaten all revised content, and I hope it works well for you too.