Revised Killer Deck (#RCO)

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TheGameLocker 584

#RCO (Revised Content Only)

This deck is built using only the Revised Core, all 4 Starter Decks, and the Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion.


This is my spin on the famous "Killer Deck" hero lineup that used only one original core set:

This deck adds many of the best cards from the RCO card pool with no consideration for theme. It's quite strong in gaining resources and drawing cards, which is a great foundation for making any deck work.

This deck includes many of the strongest core set cards that were featured in the original Killer deck, like:

But I've also added a smattering of great cards from the RCO card pool that all work great in this deck. The best new thing is Elven-light to get insane card draw. Using Protector of Lórien to discard up to 3 Elven-lights in any phase, and putting Steward on Eowyn to pay for them, you can quite easily draw most of your deck in a game.

This is a fine #RCO deck, but unfortunately it lacks that thematic spark that can make a deck truly stand out. Still, this is a solid hero lineup, and makes a great card draw & resource engine that can serve as a backbone to build many different decks from. Very little here is absolutely essential to include, so feel free to customize this to your liking!

To find more decks that use Revised Content Only, simply search deck lists for "#RCO" in the title!