Duo Arwen/Aragorn

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Duo Dunedains/Noldors, love beetween Aragorn and Arwen
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Kaspatou 627

Duo deck with Aragorn, Arwen and the family.

They want to have a good life in middle earth so they call their friend Vigilant Dúnadan to collide the enemies !

This guy can tank 10 without a frown for his favorite couple. That's a wedding witness !

Thank's to Thurindir and 13 T1, we have a sidequest in victory display.

Thank's to Elessar x3 (with Elendilmir), Cloak of Lórien with Box of Earth, Relic of Nargothrond and Arwen Undómiel we have our defender !

It's a bit overkill so we can use Estel, give Elendilmir to our mom...

This deck works well thank's to :

Resources : The Seeing-stone + Legacy of Númenor for an explosive T1, Steward of Gondor is for Gilraen.

Draw : Galadriel, Gilraen, Deep Knowledge

Threat : Aragorn, Double Back x2, Elrond's Counsel, Galadriel

Locations : Box of Earth and Asfaloth

Allies are here to quest and kill.

Have fun !