Duo Dunedains/Noldors, love beetween Aragorn and Arwen

Kaspatou 188


Duo deck with Aragorn, Arwen and the family.

They want to have a good life in middle earth so they call their friend Vigilant Dúnadan to collide the enemies !

This guy can tank 10 without a frown for his favorite couple. That's a wedding witness !

Thank's to Thurindir and 13 T1, we have a sidequest in victory display.

Thank's to Elessar x3 (with Elendilmir), Cloak of Lórien with Box of Earth, Relic of Nargothrond and Arwen Undómiel we have our defender !

It's a bit overkill so we can use Estel, give Elendilmir to our mom...

This deck works well thank's to :

Resources : The Seeing-stone + Legacy of Númenor for an explosive T1, Steward of Gondor is for Gilraen.

Draw : Galadriel, Gilraen, Deep Knowledge

Threat : Aragorn, Double Back x2, Elrond's Counsel, Galadriel

Locations : Box of Earth and Asfaloth

Allies are here to quest and kill.

Have fun !


Sep 17, 2023 NERD 721

This looks like a great fellowship! Have you considered Desperate Alliance to synergize with Lore Aragorn. That way, both decks' threats can be solved.

Sep 17, 2023 NERD 721

Also, why not include Thalion? He is great with Thurindir. Consider cutting The Seeing-stone.

Sep 17, 2023 Kaspatou 188

Thank you !

Nop because with Galadriel start at 26, Elrond's Counsel, threat is not a problem.

On the other hand, i totally forgot this poor Thalion ! Auto include with Thurindir and especially with The Last Alliance dunedains !

I don't think i will cut The Seeing-stone stone, that ensures Legacy of Númenor T1, maybe two Legacy of Númenor for an extra easy mode ^^

Maybe +2 Thalion -1 Cardolan & -1 Estel.