Out of Doubt, Out of Dark (Thematic Pelennor Fields)

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Thematic Battle of the Pelennor Fields Fellowship
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tomdidiot 13

This is one of 4 decks built for a thematic playthrough of the Pelennor Fields - this covers the moment where Éomer finds himself facing the Black Sails of the Corsair fleet and despairing, only to find reneewed hope when Aragorn, the Rangers of the North, and Legolas and Gimli emerge instead.

This is a fairly standard Sands of Harad Legolas/Gimli combo deck taking advantage of Unlikely Friendship, Foe-hammer and Elven-light to draw.

Legolas typically has a Mirkwood Long-knife or Bow of the Galadhrim to use Hands Upon the Bow to snipe off particularly troublesome enemies in the staging area. The Dwarven Shield, Shining Shield and Armored Destrier go on Gimli. In a 4-player game, Éomer's ability is almost always on, and 6/7-attack (boosted further with Firefoot/Spear of the Mark is good enough for every enemy in the deck.

It has the various Dunedain allies including Halbarad, who was in the orignal draft of this deck (with a Tactics Gimli), but was swapped out for the action advantage of Gimli and the raw murder-power of Eomer. The best allies are Misty Mountain Journeyman, Halbarad, Ranger of Cardolan and Thalion because they can help with questing as well.

The Banner of Elendil is not shuffled into the deck - it starts out of play with Anduril on Aragorn.

Note that Éomer's horse is in the Rohan deck.

Changes I'd Make

+1 The Day's Rising (I did name this deck after the quote, after all! It does go on Gimli, but the card can't go on any Eomer anyway... This is a small nonbo with Dwarven Shield)

-1 Celebrían's Stone - Aragorn arrives so late in the quest this isn't worth it if playing campaign.

-1 Sword that was Broken - see Celebrian's stone.