rescuing ioreth from dol guldur

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doomguard 1963

idea is to build an eagle deck that could make escape from dol guldur nightmare. original mentioned here

this could be one option. (and it will only work if you allow Motk-setup before encountersetup)

(MotK) Ioreth is captured.

strategy: you have plenty of ressourses and you are monoleadership (because (MotK) Ioreth is captured)

get as much allies into the game with

this is all very costheavy, but with Steward of Gondor and Alagos you have 3 more per turn (5 total) and start with 2 more with Denethor


if there is problem with willpower at the start, add The One Ring + Power of Command it is at least +2 if both hweroes quest.


Apr 03, 2024 NERD 808

How are you casting Reinforcements?

Apr 03, 2024 doomguard 1963

i dont.... i thought all heroes must have ld but u need 3 hero with ld... kk scrab it. idk if its worth only with Sneak Attack + tale