The Tree People (MD - Silvans Thematic)

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Mormegil 3451

This deck is part of Mormegil’s Deckbox, an effort to create an extensive catalogue of decks for the different archetypes, themes and playing styles available to players. Click here to check out the whole project.

Preferred Player Count: 1-4

Rating: .5


My take on a thematic Silvan deck. Excluding cards like Legacy of Númenor or Steward of Gondor take away some explosivity and delay the board-state in which you can recycle Host of Galadhrim every round, however you are still left with a very fun, versatile and tricksy archetype that is equipped to handle most challenges. Late in the game, you can of course still recycle Host every round (getting the needed fourth resource by Galion in conjuncture with Elf Guide), but the road to that point is a bit more diverse than in the optimized combo versions. For the combo itself, I encourage you to check out either my solo or multiplayer version of the Silvan archetype where I explain it in-depth.

How To Play

Your two key cards in my opinion are generally O Lórien! (as a much-needed resource accelerator) and Galadhrim Minstrel as your glue card that can fetch you whatever is needed at the moment. Having them early helps a lot (especially O Lórien), so I either look for them directly in my opening hand or I look for cards that promise a quick access to them (like Peace, and Thought or Deep Knowledge. The White Council is your emergency button if you discard an important piece of you Host-Galion-Elf Guide combo with A Very Good Tale.


Steward of Gondor. Legacy of Númenor and The Seeing-stone would all improve the deck considerably, I excluded them for theme reasons however. Captain's Wisdom can be a nice alternative if you find yourself really struggling for resources. Double Back is just always great, especially in higher player counts if you or others are worried about threat.



May 09, 2024 Calaquendi 1

Thanks again for sharing all these ideas, roughly followed your list here and got through some of the 5-6 rank quests so far, was wondering if there is any way you think we could increase damage output in this deck outside of building board and recycling Host?

Was thinking to grab Mirkwood knife for Celeborn or Haldir perhaps.

Appreciate some of those thematic ideas would be in Tactics, but was mindful of how those allies could quickly become dead draws…

May 10, 2024 Mormegil 3451

Thank you for showing so much interest :). Yeah ... there are no great weapons for this deck outside of tactics which makes the whole thing a little difficult. Taking Tactics allies is something I would advise against since they stay out of play when you play Host due to no having a resource match.

My recommendation therefor is to bump decent attaking allie you can run first - I'd definitely add a thrid Greenwood Archer as well as maybe another Orophin and Woodland Courier. Not ideal, bit probably the bst thematic options if one struggles with attack here ...

May 12, 2024 Mormegil 3451

Edit: Got the rules wrong here, Ta allies can in fact enter play with Host. My advise probably wouldn't change though, seeing that you would need to luck into your Ta allies which would be too unreliable for my taste.

May 12, 2024 Calaquendi 1

Thanks. On topic of looking to give Silvan deck a little more firepower outside of the host loops, do you think any of the Guarded attachments like Glamring / Orcrist would be sensible or a good reason to avoid?

Perhaps have the utopian image of Haldir hitting for 7 each turn in staging and getting extra resource and or card draw.

May 13, 2024 Quickbeam 1

Not a huge fan of the Guarded attachments outside a few specific decks, certainly not here. Yes they could work of course (Henamarth helps in that regard), however I would personally not include them. They tend to be win-moreish, inconsistent and their "cost" gets more steep with harder scenarios, all reasons why I mostly avoid them. If you really want to build Haldir up however, they are certainly an option, probably the best one here.

May 13, 2024 Calaquendi 1

Thanks QB, makes sense on the harder scenarios. Mostly playing this deck and/or Thranduil version in 5-6.5 rated difficulty anything 7 and higher have the cards coming for the dwarf silvan deck which excited to try or revert to Noldor discard.

Things like Mirkwood Knife for celeborn given the 2 cost feel reasonable or just per above continue to focus all resources and card draw on bringing more allies in / out of play?

May 13, 2024 Mormegil 3451

I agree with @Quickbeam and would not go with Knives either, rather focusing on swarming allies in/out of play

May 13, 2024 Calaquendi 1

Thanks guys.