Harvest of Battle

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WingfootRanger 2507

I'm sure you might have heard of the A Good Harvest + Steward of Gondor combo before, but what about other ways to use A Good Harvest to access off-sphere benefits? This deck I designed so I could experiment with that a little, and it uses the harvest to play cards that mono-tactics combat decks wouldn't naturally have access to so that Beregond becomes an even better defender.

The deck is rather simple really. Mulligan for A Good Harvest if you don't see it in your starting hand. If you have it, you will be able to play Armored Destrier or Self Preservation on Beregond. Song of Wisdom is also there to make it a bit easier to play Self Preservation. Play Gondorian Shield on Beregond, and play your weapons on Háma and Legolas. Since the deck is mono- you shouldn't have too much trouble paying for the allies. Háma is there to recur any event you think you need to play again, Feint and Foe-hammer being chief targets. Proud Hunters is also playable if you have Yazan on the table, but it could be switched out for Thicket of Spears if you desire. And of course any extra Armored Destriers and Self Preservations and whatnot can be discard fodder for Hama's ability.

Not sure if it's anything too ground breaking, but it is interesting to play off-sphere support for a tactics deck. If Self Preservation seems too expensive, Lembas could be swapped in, especially for shorter quests. I hope to keep finding more intriguing possibilities for A Good Harvest in the future.