Mirkwood runners #1 passage through mirkwood solo play

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matrosh 132

Main goal of this deck is go through game as quick as possible using Éowyn and Aragorn for questing, and Denethor as defender. Celebrían's Stone goes on Aragorn, Unexpected Courage usually on Denethor for his ability used at the end of round. Steward of Gondor can be used on anyone usually based on what you got in hand.

Its good to have Henamarth Riversong or Unexpected Courage at starting hand. Daughter of the Nimrodel also helps and work good with Denethor. Miner of the Iron Hills is here for condition attachments.

Since you are trying to avoid traveling, there is lot of cards which support it: Northern Tracker, Snowbourn Scout, Secret Paths, Strider's Path, Strength of Will.

Whole game took 4 rounds with final score 63 points.