The Fury of Fangorn

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Mad Morderan 112

A thematic all-Ents deck! Inspired (somewhat) by Beorn's "Middle Earth Without Immigrants" deck, I just wanted to make a fun Ent-themed deck rather than start a political conversation (nothing wrong with that btw). It has one significant immigrant anyway: Gandalf! Not only that, Radagast, though not in this deck, makes his presence known via Radagast's Cunning.

Anyway, this deck doesn't fiddle with secrecy, but instead depends on Strider and turtling with low threat to build up those slow but powerful Ent allies. It mitigates the lower resource draw with Elf-stones when possible, and uses Daeron's Runes and Lórien's Wealth for a little extra card draw. Not to mention Ents are cheap anyway considering their stat lines, mainly because entering play exhausted is a huge drawback; so the trick here is patience.

This is accomplished by hammering the Encounter deck with Radagast's Cunning and Secret Paths, in such a way as to buy time while the Ents get themselves in gear. Once they get going, of course, they crush all comers. The key, of course, is to not be hasty! Timing is everything with Ents, and the low starting threat helps give you the time Ents need to get strong, and playing the encounter deck mitigation cards at just the right moment can be extremely effective. That said, Strider helps move things along without too much delay.

Using Self Preservation and/or Ent Draught gives lots of power to their abilities, and of course the more damage your Ents take the more havoc they create. Put A Burning Brand, Ent Draught, Self Preservation, and/or Strider on Treebeard to make him basically an invincible regenerating defender who can quest like a beast near end-game, letting Quickbeam do what he does best: smash whosoever dared to touch the forest. Gandalf is there to get you out of jams and lower threat, and of course make sure you use and abuse Entmoot whenever you get it. Gather Information use for whatever you happen to need at the time, whether it be a song or Strider, and Wellinghall Preservers provide tons of quest and healing and they're good defenders in a pinch.

Probably not the most powerful deck in the game, but solid, thematic, capable of solo play. It is also a nice addition to multiplay due to the encounter deck shenanigans which can negate those annoying 5 locations and enemies, giving you time to clear them out before they overwhelm you with , and also giving your Ents time to ready so they can kick butt.