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Garethspur 16

A Rohan themed deck that probably requires a lot of tweaking. I'm happy with Eomer and Eowyn but underwhelmed with Dunhere. Reason I stuck with him, for now, is there aren't any viable Rohan alternatives in Spirit, but Spirit has the majority of Rohan allies. Previous tests with this deck came unstuck because I wasn't running enough copies of Song of Travel and there weren't enough Tactics cards, meaning I stockpiled a lot of resources on Eomer and Eowyn because I had nothing to use them on. I've now added two more copies of Song of Travel but there's probably still not enough tactics card. An option I'm considering if dropping Dunhere for non-Rohan spirit Hero, and running a couple of the card that grants the Rohan trait, but that seems like a lot of cards that are in there just to make the synergy work.

Constructive criticism more than welcome. I've got a much bigger card pool than this but wanted to start with a deck I made a while ago and develop it gradually.


Jul 29, 2018 Garethspur 16

Also note that the deck has a higher proportion of spirit cards because it used to include spirit Éowyn rather than her tactics version

Jul 29, 2018 pirinisz 29

How about Théoden?

Jul 30, 2018 Goggen 106

Agree with @pirinisz, and if not Theoden I would say that Fastred also works fine as a substitute for Dunhereif he's not functioning as desired.

Of course Fastred would normaly work in pair with a copy of Dunhere, but triggering his ability is optional, so you can use him as a straight defender/attacker. It's a bit wasteful, but if Dunhere isn't working than anything is better. Also you could get use of his ability with cards like Ride Them Down or Forth Eorlingas! (and you could add more copys of those cards).

Another way to go is to try to boost Dúnhere. Buff him up with the Spear of the Mark and add 3x copy's of Quick Strike. Then charge the propper enemies before they engage regardless of threat (and also before questing resolves and get extra progress).

Jul 30, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1843

“there aren't any viable Rohan alternatives in Spirit“

Spirit Theoden!

Jul 30, 2018 Goggen 106

Also. If you think you'll get excess resources on your tactics hero's even with 3x Song of travel you could consider Golden Shield or Herugrim and use the resources on Eowyn with the Steed of the Mark.

Still.. If 3x Song of Travel still isn't enough I'd probably consider swapping back to Éowyn or perhaps swap Éomer for Fastred and really commit to Dúnhere.

Aug 01, 2018 Garethspur 16

Sorry, guys I should have said there aren't many spirit Rohan alternatives because I don't own Théoden or Fastred

Aug 01, 2018 pirinisz 29

Well, to be honest, with a starting threat of 27 I don't think that Dúnhere would be able to target enemies in the staging area for too long. I think a good alternative (considering the packages you actually own) would be Beregond or even Galadriel, both of them for threat control.

Aug 02, 2018 Aurion 771

@piriniszÉowyn's ability makes the starting threat 24 but with no threat reduction your point is still valid. @Garethspur I think the main problem you have here is you haven't decided what type of Rohan deck you are going to run. If you are going to attack the staging area, you'll want plenty of threat reduction and cards like Hands Upon the Bow. I'd probably play Legolas with Bow of the Galadhrim instead of Éomer and switch back to Éowyn for the extra spirit resource. If you want to run with the current line up of eomer and eowyn, you'd be better off designing a discard Rohan deck but and forget about attacking the staging area. It is more of a swarm strategy though, so without Théoden, you'll probably find you are low on resources. You could always run with Théodred to get enough resources where you need them though. The third way to play is hero tanking and centres around mounts and other attachments, in which case you'll want Elfhelm as your third hero. I hope this helps a little.

Aug 02, 2018 Garethspur 16

Thanks for your comments @Aurion, @piriniszet al. I think I'm probably going to pick up Treason of Saruman so I can try Théoden