12 dwarfes monosphere (each)

doomguard 1322


an alldwarf fellowship beside a little help (healing and locationcontrol)

easy to play fellowship. each deck has his little small tricks and they are well tgogether through the dwarventrait and Dáin Ironfoot they all start under 30 thread so even anduin (nightmare) should not be a problem. only nondwarfes are in lore and spirit to be able to handle much locations or healing.

this fellowship has a good shot at nearly every quest

roles and little edges:

tactic (consider play it as Forth, The Three Hunters! then use sideboard and replace allies with more weapons and armor):


if you can bear the disgrace of unthemefull play, add the steward, but i think it is not really neeeded

lore (the attachements are your loot-deck, see contract):