mighty ring of thror

doomguard 1877


me personally i do not like guarded attachments. yes they are cool and powerfull, but, if you get them late its winmore, and get them early is huge risk sometimes, if not impossible (an extraencountercard in the staging from 1. round can be very annoying and mostly will not be killed/explored early, and when the start goes well, the desired artifatc dos not come into the hand....) all in all very risky and unpredictable. case closed, not my playstyle.

but... with the Alepcards come new opportunities. speaking of, the new ally Bob that let you search for a mount. so it is possible to get Asfaloth in your hand from the start. this means, a usual location can be explored within the first round (put 2 progress after asfaloth enter play and 2 more in the refresh phase. most locations are explored with 4 progress)

so, a deck with glorfindel and bob should do it. if the guard is a location.

if not there have to be a soloution to kill or discard an enemy. there is, The Great Hunt so a monolore-deck with grorfindel and bob it is.

the other part to get a wanted guarded attachment into play. that is easy, make a The Grey Wanderer deck and choose the guarded attachment as default-attachment (it can have a mximum cost of 1)

this leads me to a fellowship around the very rarely used artifact, the Ring of Thrór



  • dain: timely aid or Galadriel
  • glorfy: great hunt

select Ring of Thrór as default-attachment for the grey wanderer and give him his guard (enemy or location)

If its an enemy and you have The Great Hunt, use it, if you not have The Great Hunt draw as much as possible cards try to get it, play Love of Tales before using Drinking Song.

if not getting the The Great Hunt 1. round, play Peace, and Thought in the refreshphase and the other deck might have a Imladris Stargazer so you might get it in the ressourse-phase of the 2. round. if even that fails, put Thorongil on Glorfindel to make him Great so he kills the enemy singlehandy the bloody way

i estimate the chances to get the ring significantly above 50% 1. round and about 75% in the 2. round. so it seems worth to me build a strategy about it.

if the ring is in play you can equip both decks, optimally with a Imladris Stargazer out but if not the good old Galadriel helps to get your deck in the right order to get attachments with the ring. so both decks get equipped and build a boardstate with dwarfallies


Jan 25, 2023 kjeld 562

Bob find the horse that finds the ring =D

Jan 25, 2023 doomguard 1877

the truffle pig of middleearth ^^