Revised Core Series - The Steward's Fear

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Elrond's Deck

This deck is a standard Elrond and Vilya deck.

In addition to Imladris Stargazer and Master of the Forge that focus' on us drawing and manipulating the deck - there are additional visitors here. I accidentally left Northern Tracker in my recorded video but Miner of the Iron Hills is here for the condition attachment, Local Trouble.

Hasty Stroke and A Test of Will are there to support the Outlands deck.

Outland's Deck

The standard Outlands brought in thanks to the Blood of Gondor - Hirluin the Fair using Lord of Morthond to help cross sphere access to Anfalas Herdsman, Warrior of Lossarnach, Knights of the Swan, Ethir Swordsman. This will also trigger the card draw which helps.

A Steward of Gondor is great for resources but Envoy of Pelargir for additional resources and then Pelargir Ship Captain help moving them around. Especially given Envoy can give Boromir a resource and have Ship Captain pass it to Hirluin to then play cheap outlands allies!

Video is located here: