richest gloin in middleearth (no steward)

doomguard 2094


with this fellowship you can have 7 res on gloin every planningphase, from the start. how? here it is:

select as default attachement Song of Mocking for the The Grey Wanderer. equip Well Preserved (or Boots from Erebor) then use Song of Mocking on Treebeard of the other deck. then Treebeard uses his ability 4 times, that result in 4 wounds and 4 res on gloin. then you heal either with contract or with 1 res + (MotK) Ioreth (both thx to Elrond for 4 points)

then use contract for more res (or if you healed with contract choose res as 2. option) then you have 6 res to spend this turn. if you need another more, let Treebeard do it the time, but this wound you might keep. when you get a 2. Song of Mocking and enough healing is there you can do this in ressourse-phase and planning phase to get up to 10 extrares.

with the Errand-rider out you can sharethe richness.

best thing, if Treebeard needs his ability in questing or battle he can do that regulary.


strategy: become swarmy and win


if you do not have 6 Deep Knowledge replace that 3 at Elrond with Daeron's Runes


Jul 07, 2024 doomguard 2094

1 misatake: the gloindeck should not include Treebeard. replace with a White Tower Watchman as safetyoption.