Scions of Arnor

Onidsen 834


This is a thematic Dunedain fellowship, designed to enable the standard Dunedain mechanic of engaging all of the enemies, and then keeping most of them around in one way or another. The / should engage most of the enemies, using Amarthiúl as a primary defender. Boosted with Dúnedain Warnings and Armored Destriers, he can become quite a capable defender. Against enemies too tough even for him, attack cancellation is provided via Feint and Andrath Guardsman, or an even more powerful defender in the form of the Guardian of Arnor. With sufficient enemies engaged, his can become near-impregnable.

To deal with a swarm of smaller attacks, the Vigilant Dúnadan is present, ready to be boosted via Arwen Undómiel, the Squire's Helm, and Self Preservation. To pay for these expensive allies, Thurindir brings in The Storm Comes during setup, so that the first ally played by each player each turn no longer requires a resource match. The companion deck also runs Elf-stone, offering another means of getting in expensive allies early.

The / deck is designed around location control, and also includes a fair amount of encounter deck control. With the high combat stats of its heroes, it can also act as an emergency pressure release valve, engaging and destroying an enemy that would otherwise have sunk the combat deck. Through Quick Ears, it can even be proactive in avoiding the enemy in the first place.


Sep 24, 2018 HootsFromErebor 29

Looks an interesting fellowship! I've been enjoying the Dunedain archetype a lot lately. I wonder about threat control against a number of quests, especially as you have a couple of doomed cards. Perhaps Sneaky Gandalfs and/or some Favor of the Valar wouldn't go amiss.

Sep 25, 2018 Goggen 81

No Tale of Tinúviel ? Seems made for Glorfindel boosting someone after questing with Light of Valinor

Sep 26, 2018 Onidsen 834

It didn't even occur to me, frankly. During deck testing, I'll see if it would be useful.